Reciprocating Hallowmass Confession Requests

There are two who have send me confession requests but I can’t return the favour because I can only send whimsy and pride requests. They simply don’t appear on the list and I’ve tried a few times. What do people do if you can’t reciprocate Hallowmass confession requests? Aside from feel bad? (I’m loathe to spend an action writing a letter at this stage since I’m so low on actions at the moment.)

I’d just send them a present once I could spare the action (via the opportunity card &quotSquare of Lofty Words&quot)
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 10/28/2015

I’ve run into this too. In my case, I’ve confirmed that the people are also PoSI, so I must assume that they aren’t interested in receiving confessions. I still keep an eye out for them in the list, but I don’t worry about it, since reciprocating helps me more than them (they get the more spirit from my confession acceptance than from taking my confession invite).

Ah that puts a new perspective on things. I’d been thinking from a more social aspect rather than a pure cost-benefit analysis!