Real-life meeting

So, a few of the Londoners (Cocytus, Anstrutherbarron and perhaps Flyte and BabelFishWars) are meeting in London on the 11th of April. I’ll be joining them from Germany. Does anybody else want to come?

I’d love to!

Great! I’ll contact you with more details, once such details have been established.

We are meeting at the Mayflower in Rotherhithe at 2:30, unless public transport is bad that day, in which case it might be a bit later.

I’m still up for it!

I’ve PM’d you my number

Hey all, pushing the start time forward to 1:30pm, still at the Mayflower. According to TfL, all relevant methods of public transport should be operating on the day, which is most unusual.

Not a Londoner myself (sadly…), but if you’re meeting on April 11th, I’ll just note that it’s also Wil Wheaton’s International Table Top Day.

Thanks. I don’t have a mobile myself - will there be an easy way to recognise you guys?

Look for a bearded irishman

I should be roughly on time, but in case there is some kind of transport meltdown, for how long are people likely to be hanging around?

We’ll be hanging around for a fair bit

Damnit I wish I got here sooner i would have loved to meet some people who are into fallen london.