Reacquiring ones soul

I’ve been going back through various qualities, and have discovered I sold my soul. I had forgotten.[li]

I would like it back. A little research and I’ve discovered that it seems possible, but it is shrouded in mystery as to how. Can someone point me in the right direction.

a ‘veryinfrequent’ opportunity card lets you start down that path for 15 fate


(I believe there are other ways to find one’s soul - in fact, I think it can be found in a Bundle of Oddities - but I’m not certain, and have, in fact, been wondering if anyone could clarify them myself!)

Yes, there is a card that will allow you to get your soul back without spending Fate! It’s this option right here, available on a card you draw within the University if your Watchful is between 69 and 120.

Interesting card. Did not know it was there. But wouldn’t it simply give a you a random bundle?

It sets your Bundle quality to 100, which is the value you need to retrieve your soul.

Yeah, value 100 is your soul if you’re lost it, or a fair amount of scraps (at least five) if you haven’t. Either way it’s a great deal.

On that note, what is a good way to quickly lower and raise a main quality? I have also just lost my s__l, and would like it back

Grind shamelessly. At lower levels, focus on Almost Impossible options because they’ll give you four CP even on a failure–that’s more than a success on a Chancy or Very Chancy storylet.
At higher levels, you’ll need to start worrying about Menaces–shift down to Chancy challenges.
There’s no real rush to retrieve your soul, though–aside from a few minor storylets, being Souless doesn’t really have any negative effect. We recommend playing at a more sensible pace, and enjoying the scenery as you journey to the University.

EDIT: Another note: For serious grinding, acquire a Talkative Ratus Faber. [li]
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[quote=Chuck]On that note, what is a good way to quickly lower and raise a main quality? I have also just lost my s__l, and would like it back[/quote]You mean quickly lower your Watchful to 120, and then raise it again? You could try using an Eyeless Skull and play the Watchful cards and keep the other skull cards in your hand. But With the new 70 CP per level and the cards only reducing stats by 50 points, that’d take a long time.

The quickest method would be to drink Bottled Oblivion, possibly with the (expendable) Ridiculous Hat if you want to destroy your Persuasive while not touching your Dangerous. But you still need to drink almost 1.5 bottles per point of Watchful you want to lose. Watchful 146 might suffice if you use a Talkative Rattus Faber and a Bloodstained Suit (-1 Watchful). Maybe there’s something else you can use to bring down Watchful, but I didn’t bother when I tried to keep my Watchful down to draw the delicious Tea with the inspector card that gave me Investigate +15 CP on success. (I also wanted to keeping drawing Map the new heavens, of course.)

A couple other things can set your Bundle of Oddities quality to 100: the first option on this one has a chance to give back your soul, and A Surprise Package has a very, very tiny chance, as it covers the entire number range.

Neither of these are particularly good to bank on, but you can keep an eye out for them.

Interesting - my low level alt hasn’t sold their soul but just got the Brass Embassy card so could and they can get their watchful to 120. I think I will sit them in the university and see if they draw the card to get it back before the option disppears.