Reaching Scarlet Saint

With the recent changes in Quirks, this seems like an apropos time to discuss this. I’ve been aiming for Scarlet Saint since I became an Exceptional Friend, but had focused on first grinding my Contacts: Church and Contacts: Hell. I’m now regretting that decision.

What ways, if any, are still open to getting your Austere and Hedonist to 12 each? I hear Laudanum has been capped, and it now drains Austere anyway. Does the Iron Republic still work?

Good question. Last time I was there hedonist was capped at 10, though I didn’t try the fate-locked options.

It hasn’t been long enough since the most recent Quirk changes for anyone to be sure, I think. The previous ways of getting 10+ have to be tried again to make sure. That said, for Hedonist you might try the various ways of becoming Closest to the Bohemians (although those will also decrease Austere, it’s possibly less of a decrease?) or, if you haven’t done the University yet, sleeping with that disgusting Summerset Provost. Even more distasteful than guzzling laudanum, but he raised your Hedonist above 10 as of last week.

For Austere… the wiki seems to think there’s one Iron Republic choice that still goes above 10 (Day 27) but it was last checked in February, so that may have been gone for a while. Burning a page from the Liber Visionis might work too, although it’s a one-time thing. I might burn mine just to see. Losing Closest To: Bohemians might go above 10 Austere as well, and may lose slightly less Hedonist? Seems like precise #s aren’t known.

I’d be really amused if the way to juggle Hedonist/Austere to above 10 involves repeatedly kissing up to and then casting off your Bohemian acquaintances, it’d be horrifically and splendidly expensive. [contemplates turning 2000 CP of Bohemians into just as much Prisoner’s Honey…]

Are there any benefits to being a scarlet saint?

House of Chimes entry options are mostly a matter of personal preference. Only one of them unlocks anything, and that one has a Fate requirement rather than a quality requirement.

Bragging rights?

Does one have to choose one of these options when they enter the house of chimes or can they save the decision for later?

You have to make a choice to get access to the House of Chimes Storylets but you can change it later with Fate.

If you just want to be an Exceptional Friend for the monthly story, so far, you get access to the story without having made the choice.

It used to be that if your character had the Homeless! quality (ie they had never moved into -any- lodgings) that they could access the house of chimes without making a choice, but I am unsure if that is still the case.

With regards to scarlet saint, I was in the Iron Republic back in like April, and at that time the quirks gains from the Eternal Loop method used in traditional Scarlet Saint grinding were not capped at 10. That may have changed in the last few months, but it was still working at least as late as last April for sure.
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I’m going to try the Iron Republic loop-de-loop. Will report back. If anyone wants to help get my wounds up to 7, it would be appreciated.

ETA: I’ve hit 7. Thanks for people’s help!
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Sent you a couple poisonings, in case you need them.

Good luck. If you do manage to become a Scarlet Saint, know that there are only about 5 or 6 of us.
Sarah Sahara, Kaanyia, myself and the original Scarlet Saint Ms. Scarlet Attford Fenwick

There might be others, but I don’t recall them. I know ZeeDee was working on it, but I don’t know if they ever got there.
In any event, you’ll be amongst a rare and elite company. That’s its own reward.

And also NiteBrite.
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I’m a scarlet saint too Nigel, if you are compiling some sort of list. I’ll put it up on my mantle temporarily as proof.

[spoiler]Funny story, not that long ago, I went to send a gift of fate to a friend from the house of chimes, and misclicked the Reset your Entry option, which costs fate in and of itself, and lost my scarlet saint status temporarily. Luckily I still had the minimum quirks for it still (barely). Thank goodness for small blessings. But grinding the connections back was not fun.

Long story short, I’m never having a word with Mr Chimes again. Its too risky when you are a saint. From now on I use the lofty words card for gifts exclusively.[/spoiler]

While we’re on the subject of house of chimes entries, are there any other particularly notable ones? Sorry if I’m being bothersome with my questions.

Thanks! To Zee!

Ah good, and I can confirm and update the wiki that the Ruthless cap from poisoning is 6 ;)
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I actually attained Scarlet Saint recently, shortly after quirks began to become capped. I did so via a little carousel in Spite, Area-Diving, that unlocks at a very low Shadowy. While I can’t confirm that it still does so (this was after the quirk actions began to get neutered), stealing scandalous material and tossing it into the river raises Austere 1 point (not level) at a time. Getting it to 15 was no easy task.
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I return from the Iron Republic… Changed. <Twitch> <Twitch>

The loop-de-loop got my Hedonist to 10 and Austere to 15, but that’s all. Any suggestions for how/where to get the last points of Hedonist?

Laudanum should finish out the hedonist. Thanks for confirming austere 15 still works in the Iron Republic.
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Laudanum is capped now.

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