Ray drenched Cinders

Looking for anyone to help change my Fate of grinding! Thanks!

Honestly, paying the 400 Echoes is by far the least painless way to go about your business as it does not involve dealing with the skulls. You can relax, level up odd skills and sell the benefits to the Bazaar. But, if you are insistent, I can give you some pointers on collecting Cinders without paying.

Basically, Seek Curious in the Forgotten Quarters for the odd chance to proc the skull. This will increase your nightmare invariably but also give good amounts of whispered secrets. Don’t even bother trying to heal your nightmare quality, just do your time in the Mirror Marches. Then, after getting enough Whispered Secrets, try your hand at the expedition requiring 20 supplies after buying those supplies with whispered secrets. There is a chance you will find a skull, so do this until you run out of whispered secrets then go back to searching through curios and going insane.

Rinse and repeat until you have enough skulls (5 in total) to get yourself a Cinder.

That’s how I got seven of the bloody things on my Lukas Uller.

edited by Owen Wulf on 6/9/2015

I am also something of an expert on this!

Expeditions break up the monotony of Seeking Curios, but action for action they’re probably less likely to get you a skull than just spending more time in the regular Forgotten Quarter.

Playing Seeking Curios, you should expect to get a skull just about every 100 successful actions, which I would guess is around two days depending on your stats and how often you play.