Raven Advisors can now be sold

I’m sure I have seen somewhere in the forums people saying that they have accidentally got more Ravens than they wanted. Good news you can now sell your upgraded Raven Advisors. I love mine and only have one of each but in case anyone is interested:- Dreamy and Wary sell for 9 Echoes; Philosophical and Unscrupulous for 40 Echoes and Devious and Mystical for 90 Echoes.[li]

Niiiiiiiice. Cheers FBG, and cheers lady c!

Doesn’t matter much for me, none of the eggs on any of my characters have hatched yet. Was I really supposed to incubate them? I completely forgot.

Yep, you needed to incubate them. The access code didn’t trigger a living story.

Then what is the trigger?

It’s an option on the Kindness of Ravens card. You’ll need a Dazed Raven Advisor to draw it.

You also need 2 Uncanny Inacubulananananna. It doesn’t consume them, though.

(Don’t judge me; that word is hard to spell)

Incunabula - ink yoo nab yoo la - from the Latin term for an infant’s bedding, meaning books printed prior to the sixteenth century. Not technically accurate to describe the books we see being printed in Fallen London… unless the term is not being used to refer to the infancy of printing but the infancy of some present revelation.

I prefer incubanana.

To be said with a Cockney flourish - incubanaaaaaana.

Such are the fruits of the Neath.

(In related news, I’ve spent the past fifteen minutes looking up raven behaviour and raven calls for the next Taupe-Wainscot, and can inform you all with some level of certainty that ravens are cute as the dickens and twice as clever. I would not be particularly surprised that all the Neathy tricks to turn ravens into poetry-reciting prophets and wing-ed spymasters turn out to be just things that ravens can actually do.)

Crows have the memory for it; we wouldn’t be surprised if ravens did as well. Both are awesome, aside from the whole &quotthey eat rotting dead animals&quot thing.