ratty larceny!

Do you know how long the new storylet &quot-Sunless sea- Intruding upon ratty larceny&quot is going to stick around? should I need to come back from my zea trip at once? :)

Doing the Ratty Larceny option connected to Sunless Sea is a permanent meta-quality that your Fallen London character will equip and will transfer to your captain whenever the game decides to notice such. So, in theory, you should just do it now (I think). I have not actually acquired the box in Sunless Sea so I am a tad worried.

If I was asking how long the story was available, it’s actually because I just left London on a zea trip and I didn’t want to be back right after leaving.

No idea how long the storylet will be up. I’d guess about 48 hours, based on the other Sunless Sea storylets.

I mainly just wanted to post about how the criminals are swindlers, and took my chest for 1 measly glim, and I didn’t have the option to bash anyone’s head in as a response. Okay, they’re criminals, but you’d think that a friend would warrant more than just threats and insults. At least the coppers and the sea captain paid better.

I have to concur, I took the criminal option with one of my characters and was shocked with how measly the payment was compared to that of the Constable.

I thought it was actually kind of interesting, how it all worked out. In the dark pit that is London post-fall, we’ve become sort of conditioned to feel that the “virtuous” action will always backfire, or at least prove unprofitable. It’s rather nice that FB is starting to play around with those expectations now.

I get the idea in principle, but I object to my character with inside knowledge of the criminal fraternity, and with all stats over 150, being unable to negotiate a better deal than ‘give it over and we’ll let you live’.

According to a comment on the wiki, the 1 Glim reward was a mistake, and it was since changed to be 600 Glim.

Because it said ‘your next captain’ rather than ‘will give all your captains a small advantage’ (like it does for the Soothe & Cooper Long-Box) or ‘will be applied to all new characters’ (Provide Sage Advice) I figured a one-time one-character bonus wasn’t worth it. Now I’m feeling like I’ve missed out on a cool story and Sunless Sea benefits for good. Think there’ll be any opportunity to go for it again? Even if it cost Fate, I’d pay it.
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That makes more sense, because if anyone tried to pass off 1 glim as sufficient &quotpayment&quot to my Lukas Uller for anything I damn well better be given the option to turn said person/thing’s insides into their outsides.