Rattus Faber, cats, cavies and ravens

The Neath is full of magnificent creatures but these four stand out by their compared to their surface counterparts astonishing abilities which leads to tons of questions:

Why is that? When did it happen? Are space bats to blame? Did cats just choose not to show their skills? Was it our very own &quotSlayer of close to a million rats&quot who made the evolution of the LB a necessity? And most importantly, was there a mongolian guinea pig horde?

Well, the rats have been given scavenging rights by Mr. Cups- considering some of the unorthodox things one can buy, sell, lose, bathe in the radiation of, or have waft onto you head in the Neath I have theorized that it was something that they’ve ate.

Cats are mysterious creatures, and may well have always been sentient and only chose to speak after certain incidents in the Second City. More likely, they are liberated from the Surface’s restrictions here far below, plus exposure to the same things as the LBs (plus eating said rats.) And that’s is not including their sinister and curious connection to Parabola.

The Cavies are a newer addition to the game lore, but one I personally love! Honestly, they are probably due to the same exposure that elevated the minds of the Rattus Fabers, although perhaps slower due to lack of a formal arrangement to feed. There may have been an adorable horde of them in the Fourth City, since they were undoubtedly introduced with the Third.

Ravens, on the other hand, I suspect have a rather specific reason why their plumage goes snow-white, with pleasing voices, based on certain myths from the Surface and the lack of the Sun’s glaring eye upon their humble forms down here…
edited by Mordaine Barimen on 8/3/2014

There are ordinary rats, and then there are L.B.s also.* Can it really be ruled out that the same doesn’t apply to all creatures?

*Somewhat disturbingly, apparently the more intelligible of these will often guide or pamper those whose speech is not as easily understood by human faculties.

Of course! Brilliant! There’s the story of how the raven was originally snow white and gifted with a beautiful voice, but in its pride, dared to fly too close to the sun. It was scorched black, and its beautiful voice ruined. Neathy ravens, perhaps never exposed to the sun, retain their snowy plumage and voice. Interesting how the story of the ravens (and perhaps the Seventh Letter’s Raven?) resonate with other Icarian themes…

PS. Oh! And on the theme of animals speaking…

maybe it ties in with the Chains (and the Great Chain of Being)? Animals are lower than humans on the chain, and were not permitted speech. Far from the sun (and other Judgments), animals are no longer lower than humans, and thus free to speak. Just a guess!