Random thoughts on cards

Why is the gift from the capering relicker non-discard-able?

Why doesn’t the Voice from the well say :
This is a Rare Opportunity - you lucky thing! Allowing your Menaces to get too high, or leaving Fallen London, may mean losing this card. Use it wisely! ;)

For that matter why do any of the rare cards say it since nothing clears your hand anymore?

Why is there no solution to the struggling artist? Use of Villians, Strong Backed Labor, various weapons, venom rubies, maybe take him out to see and leave him on a far away island. Bring him with you to the Nadir and accidentally forget to bring him back (darn that irrigo)

If the overgoat leaves and comes back, why do I spend 8 actions? Am I sick with worry? Also as an aside, does anyone do this now that you can’t perhaps not out of it? Or it was probably too expensive to perhaps not out of anyways.

Is the murder them option on A further note from Mr Iron supposed to do anything positive at all?

The Voice from the Well isn’t a very good Rare card, unlike the other cards with that message. The reason the message is still there is probably because FBG hasn’t gotten around to updating them. The artist is a City Vice card, meaning it can be removed by moving into a Remote Lodging; you can get those around Christmas if you don’t already have one. The Overgoat card is balancing the rewards you get from that branch.

I don’t really have any comments on the other two cards. The Gift from the Capering Relicker is purely positive, so maybe it’s just making sure you don’t accidentally lose it. Murder Them used to increase the (old) K&C Rank; I don’t know what it does nowadays.

I agree that the various “lose quirks for no reason” punishment cards you get for completing storylines (the artist, the revolutionaries, etc) are a pain, and a solution should be added eventually. I doubt it’s a high priority though.
Capering Relicker is somewhat game-able with stealing from a drunken rat to get to precise “someone is coming” values. So maybe it’s meant to discourge/encourage that? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The 8-action overgoat branch is still very good. Accounting 1 more action to get a sudden insight for a second chance, and assuming near-capped watchful (50% chance of success on either chance), I am spending 9 actions to get (75% of 25 echoes + 25% of 2.5 echoes)=19.375 echoes, for a nice 2.15 epa (it’s actually even better, because the cards that give me sudden insights also give me other seconds chances to turn into profit in Nadir - and also my success chance is 55%).