Random 3D art for FL

Few years ago I made a 3d render of suite in hotel Bethlehem (wow, that was a long time ago). I continue to make something Fallen London related from time to time so I decided to make this thread to avoid littering the forum with different ones every time.
Anyway, here’s an aristic rendition of Majestic Pleasure Yacht! It took more than a year of on-and-off modelling (this time all by myself, so many new things learned…), so I decided to finish with it for now. I tried to make it as technically correct as possible, with few adjustments for the Neath.

Warning - huge pictures inside.

Very cool! I love all the details, especially the string lights. Makes me proud to own the Yacht.

Wonderful work! That really is majestic.

Wonderful. Are you going to do something with it?

Pretty! Lightning possibilities is my favourite aspect of 3D graphics. I used to learn Blender but I abandoned it…

Thanks, glad you like it!

Nothing at the moment, though I’m open to suggestions. I thought to add more details and incorporate it into Part Carnelian landscape or something, but that’s for the far far far future I’m afraid.

I agree, it’s really interesting to work with lighting. That’s also the part I’m still pretty bad at, sadly.

I made a model of Moloch locomotive for Failbetter’s Sunless Skies contest last year in about two weeks. I liked the lighting and model in general, but smoke/fire effects were awful and model and materials far from ideal so I took some time to improve them. Result can be found in the link on inside the spoiler (large images as always)

A quick scene of jungle on Carnelian Coast. Something like when you go to get your reward from tigers, maybe.

Tickets please!

Someone’s been busy using shinny new colours!

Oh, this is so gorgeous! :O If there were ever a 3D Echo Bazaar-verse game it’d have to be in this style. It’s so dreamy and dramatic.


Awww thanks!