Rampant Speculation on the Garden [SPOILERS]

So, a small fragment I just learned in Karakorum led me down a curious trail of thoughts. Every link in this thought chain is tenuous at best. What if is common. Assumptions run wild and inaccurate information may well be present. (Please let me know if any of what I’m posting is Fate/Nex locked, I can’t always remember sources with perfect certainty)

So, there exists a lost garden. The fruit of which makes one immortal. But only winged things are welcomed now.

Well, that’s interesting… And then I thought back to what I know of London. I started to wonder if anything might have partook of the fruit of the garden (presumed to be the garden of eden, or the basis for it). Isn’t the Vake winged? And immortal, or something close to it? Could it be that the Vake tasted the fruit of the Garden once upon a time?

Now, getting back to the idea that this garden was the basis for the Garden of Eden: Humans are presumably exiled from the garden, for lack of wings. But, we have at least one reference to humans with wings of a sort (albeit a very tenuous connection)… Icarus, and the father of Icarus, Daedalus. They had wings, but flew too close to the sun which melted their wings. It is known that the sun can be communicated with, or at least that some have tried, with the Correspondence. That would imply some level of sentience. To what purpose? Mayhaps as a keeper for the gates of the garden (you know, in addition to sustaining life on earth, etc etc)?

Lastly: Why are only winged creatures allowed in the Garden? Perhaps man simply cannot reach the garden at all for lack of wings (insert tentative link to Daedalus and Icarus here). That would place the garden somewhere in the sky. And what else is in the sky? The stars. The Garden may well be between them.

I’ve horrendously distorted facts to fit theories here, but there may be useful fragments among the wreckage. If nothing else, excepting the link between Icarus and anything to do with Daedalus, and all subsequent ideas, there’s still the possibility of the Garden in the sky, and the implications thereof.

Edit: There are direct references to the Garden of Eden, and humans no longer being welcome there, but those are definitely Fate locked, so such discussion is sadly out of scope of this thread.
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hmm… Might one of the cults of the inhabitants of the foreign office be related to this?

Don’t remember which parts of that are fate-locked, so I shan’t say more.

I do believe that’s fate locked, which is why I didn’t put it in. That’s what made me think of the Vake at all.

[quote=KatarinaNavane]hmm… Might one of the cults of the inhabitants of the foreign office be related to this?

Don’t remember which parts of that are fate-locked, so I shan’t say more.[/quote]

When it comes to the foreign office, if it’s anything more than “Well, there might be something going on here. Maybe. Possibly” it’s fate locked. Something I dislike about the foreign office, and Wilmot’s End in general.

Though… I do think it’s fair to say that a given fate-locked storyline has information on a certain subject. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten flak for doing that in the past, I view it as an advertisement for the storyline :)

Curious! While investigating a Deranged Medium for the Implacable Detective, I heard the Medium singing a refrain in English and Loamsprach, that went 'We will exist! ’ ‘Clothed in jade and clothed in mud!’ ‘The king with a hundred hearts!’ ‘No flying thing, no thing that flies!’ ‘The garden gates, with faces locked…’

‘No flying thing, no thing that flies’ is now both obscure and obvious, knowing there is a garden that only the winged can enter … Is that why garden gates have their ‘faces locked’? Because there is no flying thing to unlock them?

There would also seem to be a connection to Polythreme, with the King with a Hundred Hearts … There is an Unfinished Priest there who preaches the Mountain and the Garden, and I would be unsurprised were it the same. What interest would Polythreme have in immortality, though, when it’s already a place of remarkable vitality?


Remarkable but decidedly flawed vitality.

So, I was ruminating on the Garden of Eden, when I remembered there’s a fig purported to be from the Garden of Eden in the Museum of Mistakes. My hopes were shattered, because this meant that figs rather than peaches grew on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Days passed, I was convinced that my theory had fallen apart when I recalled the biblical account of the Garden of Eden. Namely that there were two trees, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. There is some small speculation that they are two names for the same tree. But if not, why would they be of the same species of tree? What if the Tree of Knowledge was a fig tree, while the Tree of Life was a peach tree? Does this make any sense at all?

You should ask the Duchess where her Peach Brandy comes from =)