Raising Watchfull around 134.

What would be the best way to go about this?

Why do you need to raise your Watchful? You’re pretty close to being capped, and that’s not something to rush towards.

Three rounds of Ladybones Road dreaming should clear that right up.
Sans that…well, you still don’t have a Constant Companion. Maybe it’s time to War Of Assassins your way into all the things needed for one of those?

The new content added between 130 and 140 Watchful was the Jack-of-Smiles case. If you’ve done that, then there isn’t anything that’s a particularly good watchful challenge to do, everything should be straightforward (except the Overgoat card.)

Grind whatever items you need, and when in doubt take the Watchful route to get them, I guess. Grind up the various items that are available from Straightforward watchful challenges, either in Hunter’s Keep or Ladybones Road/unfinished business or something.

Though if anyone has better ideas, I’m all ears, that’s where I am in the game too :)

If you’re in a rush to get it, i’d say follow M_L_G’s advice… If not, take Nigel’s advice.

I’m doing what Nigel keys you onto, you can stop by Ladybones, read some interesting graffiti, and wait a week to get a big time-delay watchful boost (2+ levels), and go about your business in the meanwhile (whatever that may of been before the cap was raised). It’s a really low action, high level return way, it’ll maybe take 4 or 5 actions (to go up 10 levels), but it’ll take weeks (of human time)! So if you’re in no rush like I am, i’d say do that. That way you can keep focusing on other more pressing matters. Elsewise Ladybones, University (perhaps?), or Hunter’s Keep.

It’ll also help you grind faster if you have some stat-reduction equipment, it’ll make normally straightforward challenges, harder (depending on which challenge and how much stat reduction you have on), and you’ll get more experience completing them.
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