Raising Society Connections

Hi everyone. How do I raise Society Connections? What sections of Fallen London should I go to so I can achieve this?

Do you have access to the Shuttered Palace? If so, An Evening at the Duchess’ salon, Attend: and Be Erudite is my preferred method.

If you don’t have access to the Shuttered Palace you could hang out in Veilgarden until you draw the card titled &quotA scuffle in the streets&quot, where you can &quotStand up for the lady&quot. You’ll receive an invitation to Watchmaker’s Hill, where you can get a connected pet (which you can give up and replace with another pet whenever you draw the card for the pet). But until you actually get that pet, you’ll be able to keep drawing &quotA scuffle in the streets&quot for more easy connections, which might be a good idea until you get higher basic qualities.

I also recommend getting Tomb-Colonies to level 5, either by going to Spite to draw &quotThe Tomb-colonist and the Footpad&quot where you double-cross the Footpad (apparently – I’ve never done that myself), or by going to The Big Top at the Carnival to meet some Tomb-Colonists (Dangerous 50 challenge, but you get enough points for level 5 even if you fail). Once you have level 5 in both Society and Tomb-Colonies you can draw their faction conflict card (&quotGoing gentle&quot) where you can side with Society at no challenge, though then you’ll have to build up your Tomb-Colonies connection again. Doing it through the faction conflict would be my preferred way, but those challenges are Shadowy 40 or Dangerous 35, and judging by your profile your Shadowy 11 wouldn’t work very well for that. So you’d have to go back to the carnival or draw cards in Spite.
edited by Gillsing on 6/21/2014

I do not have the Shuttered Palace at this time, so it looks as though I shall be spending time in Veilgarden and the Carnival.