Raising Menaces

Let’s have a single reference for repeatable, solo methods to increase menaces, that aren’t losing at challenges, here in this Hallowmas season. (Check another forum if you’re looking for help with social actions to raise menaces.)

(Now updated for 2015!)

The Tl;dr version

If you’re stat-maxed and have trouble failing challenges, you’re probably a POSI. Here are your options in order of action-efficiency:

One action, requires opportunity card and Starveling Cat: introduce your Grubby Kitten to the Starveling Cat on the Kitten’s opportunity card, which will immediately give you enough Wounds & Nightmares for a Confession of Pride.

Seven actions for two confessions, requires Unaccountably Peckish between 2 and 6, a Giggling Mandrake, and some luck:

[ul][li]Equip Modish Bonnet with Scandal 0, remove Bonnet and equip Pirate Hat with Suspicion 0, equip Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin (zero actions, Scandal 1+1, Suspicion 1+1);[/li][/ul][ul][li]The Forbidden Palace / An evening at the Duchess’ salon / Attend and speak of…terrible things twice (4 CP Nightmares always; 1 CP Scandal on success, 4 CP on failure; requires Unaccountably Peckish between 2 and 6 and increases Unaccountably Peckish by 1 CP on success or failure) (Scandal 2 +1, , Suspicion 1+1, Nightmares 3);[/li][/ul][ul][li]Forbidden Quarter / Reaping the academic benefits / A public lecture twice (Scandal 2+1, Suspicion 2+1, Nightmares 3)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Giggling Mandrake / Play with the thing at least three times (1 CP Wounds success, 2 on failure; the odds are strongly against you).[/li][/ul]Four actions for a Confession of Pride, requires Starveling Cat and Watchful 134 or greater:

[ul][li]REMOVE Sporing Bonnet to start with Nightmares 0 (because the next step drops your base Nightmares);[/li]
[li]The Labyrinth of Tigers (Second Coil) / The Somnolent Hyaena / Gawp twice (4 CP of Wounds); [/li]
[li]Equip Sporing Bonnet, remove and re-equip (zero actions, Nightmares 1+1);[/li]
[li]The Starveling Cat / ‘Here, puss puss puss.’ twice (Nightmares 2+1, 2 CP of Wounds for 3 levels total). [/li][/ul](You can also substitute gawping at the Hyaena with playing with a Giggling Mandrake, but you have to fail a luck check (in which, granted, the odds are strongly against you).)

Five actions for a Confession of Whimsy, with purchasable equipment and no luck:

[ul][li]equip Modish Bonnet and Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin with Scandal 0, remove Bonnet and equip Pirate Hat with Scandal 0, re-equip Bonnet (zero actions, Scandal 2+1, Suspicion 1); [/li]
[li]Forbidden Quarter / Reaping the academic benefits / A public lecture five times. (This will also give you a boatload of Connected: you can cash in after the Feast is done.)[/li][/ul]Wounds


[ul][li]Quaff Laudanum (1 CP) (lowers Nightmares)[/li]
[li]Labyrinth of the Tigers / Coil 2 / The Somnolent Hyaena / Gawp (3 CP success, ~1-2 CP failure) (lowers Nightmares)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Giggling Mandrake / Play with the thing (1 CP success, 2 on failure; the odds are strongly against you)[/li][/ul][ul][li]The University / Shadowy Dealings at the University / Use Correspondence Plaques to expand your knowledge of the Correspondence (1-3 CP, very expensive but if you were planning to do it anyway . . . )[/li][/ul]Cards:

[ul][li]The Devil and the Child / Convince the urchin to keep his soul (Standard frequency; 3 CP)[/li]
[li]Your Edifice of Smooth Black Stone / Train in your gymnasium (Standard frequency; 1 CP)[/li]
[li]Your Corresponding Ocelot is listless / Rub his belly (Probably standard frequency, I’ll try to remember to check; Fate-locked; 1 CP)[/li]
[li]Refuse to sell your soul to Devil with who you are intimate (CP??)[/li][/ul]Suspicion


[ul][li]Pirate Hat gives +1 (and is &quotsticky&quot, so can be equipped at 0 (but only at 0!), removed to retain a base level of 1, and then re-equipped for double the value)[/li]
[li]Scholars of Correspondence: Forbidden Quarter / Reaping the academic benefits / public lecture (1 CP)[/li]
[li]The Empress’ Court / Working on / &quotThe People’s Art&quot (1 CP; also gives 1 CP Scandal on failure) (requires Connected: Revolutionaries 15)[/li][/ul]Cards:

  • The Life of Crime / Remind them who’s boss (Standard frequency; 1 CP)


[ul][li]You can get to +3 just with equipment: equip Modish Bonnet or Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin, either of which are &quotsticky&quot remove; equip both[/li]
[li]Mrs Plenty’s Carnival / The Refreshment Pavilion / Try some hot wine (random and may reduce Nightmares/Wounds)[/li][/ul]Cards:

[ul][li]A Visit card / Reluctant Forger / pose nude (Standard frequency, 3 CP; -2CP to Acquaintance)[/li]
[li]Tower of Eyes / Secure an invitation to a scandalous party (Standard frequency, 2 CP success, 1 CP failure; requires at least Scandal 1, Hedonist 4)[/li]
[li]City Vices: A Rather Decadent Evening (Standard frequency, 2 CP success or failure, none on rare success)[/li]
[li]Amber in the well / Convince the Revolutionaries to find somewhere else (Standard frequency, 1 CP)[/li][/ul]Nightmares


[ul][li]Sporing Bonnet gives +1 (and is &quotsticky&quot)[/li]
[li]Forgotten Quarter / Seeking Curios and Secrets (depends on Airs)[/li]
[li]Forgotten Quarter / Prepare for an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter / Blood-red tales (1 CP)[/li]
[li]The Empress’ Court / Make friends with the Empress’ dog / Give the puppy a biscuit OR Take the dog with you (1 CP)[/li]
[li]Giggling Mandrake / Feed it your own blood (requires Magnanimous 12; +36 CP; requires immediately switching to Messages tab to accept Nightmare-reducing invite or Myself tab to otherwise reduce Nightmares; consumes Mandrake)[/li][/ul]Cards

[ul][li]Visitors at Hallowmas / Something on the doorstep? (Abundant Frequency, 1 CP)[/li]
[li]A street-cart is selling Fourth City Rags (Standard Frequency, 12 CP); make sure to sell your rags to the Bazaar to keep the card unlocked[/li][/ul][ul][li]City Vices: Orthographic Infection / The answer to Nightmares? (Standard frequency, 2 CP x Nightmares level on success or failure (a matter of luck: it could go either way); failure damages Watchful)[/li][/ul]Multiple Menaces


[ul][li]The Starveling Cat / ‘Here, puss puss puss.’ (1 CP each Wounds, Nightmares)[/li]
[li]Black Wings Absinthe / Drink the bottle yourself (1 CP Wounds, 5 CP Scandal)[/li][/ul][ul][li]Veilgarden / The Singing Mandrake / Write a lewd satirical song about the Grand Hunt of the Devils (2 CP Scandal, 1 CP Wounds; requires 3 actions, damages various connections, increases Making Waves)[/li][/ul][ul][li]The Forbidden Palace / An evening at the Duchess’ salon / Attend and speak of…terrible things (4 CP Nightmares always; 1 CP Scandal on success, 4 CP on failure; requires Unaccountably Peckish between 2 and 6 and increases Unaccountably Peckish by 1 CP on success or failure).[/li]
[li]Mahogany Hall / The comedy of the absurd (Wednesday) / Take to the stage, a strange hunger in your belly (requires A Connoisseur of Neathy Delights 3) (4 CP each of Suspicion, Scandal, Nightmares)[/li][/ul]Cards

  • What will you do with your Grubby Kitten? / Introduce her to the Starveling Cat (Standard frequency, 10 CP each Wounds, Nightmares)

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Modish Bonnet

[ul][li]Scandal +1[/li][/ul]Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin

[ul][li]Scandal +1[/li][/ul]Pirate Hat

[ul][li]Suspicion +1[/li][/ul]Sporing Bonnet

[ul][li]Nightmares +1
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For Scandal, you can always go drink spiced wine at the Carnival. It’s random and could reduce Nightmares/Wounds, too, but it’s repeatable and can’t be over-skilled into uselessness.

Wounds can be also raised by incurring the wrath of devils with whom one is intimate, by refusing to sell one’s soul.

Thanks for posting this thread - very handy.

Other repeatable sources of wounds: duelling to lose. Not particularly efficient, but you can’t outskill it, it’s always available, and gives some cash if you fail to get wounded, and the wounds can be severe (just don’t lose to Feducci).

Suspicion: plenty of ways to mess up a burglary. Very inefficient for skilled people, I think, but there are a few luck-based options for messing up.

Oh also–the War of Assassins, if you’re high enough. Plenty of choices for each type of menace there.

Thanks–I meant to say that I was skipping &quotfail at challenges&quot. Keep them coming!
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Also, if you have any Black Wings Absinthe about, drinking it alone gives an increase to wounds and a substantial increase in scandal.
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Rackenhammer, thanks (though it’s not purchasable, right? So less repeatable than it could be).

Not unless you’re at a certain point in the Hunt A Legend ambition. Then there’s a Shadowy challenge in stealing a bottle in Veilgarden that’s repeatable (not sure if that gives suspicion on failure).

Playing with the Empress’ puppy raises nightmares (in the Empress’ Court).

Thanks, ShinWalks; I was kicked out of Court ages ago.

Thank you, an_ocelot! I have successfully increased all my Menaces back to 3 (which I think is the right level) with your helpful guide. <3

(Well, except for Suspicion on Rose, but I did, hilariously, get an Eyeless Skull at the same time as I got my Nightmares back to 3.)

As a side note, if you’re in Court and composing a piece, you can reliably increase Suspicion by 1CP via using &quotThe people’s art&quot (for 15CP of Inspiration – which is quite nice, since normally you can only get 10CP). EDIT: Does require Connected: Revolutionaries 15.

EDIT: Also! City Vices: a Rather Decadent Evening grants +2 CP of Scandal on a success (Connected: Bohemian 10 needed for the card, 20 for an automatic success; note also the Rare Success does not give Scandal.)
edited by thedeadlymoose on 11/1/2014

I wrote a short guide on how to get an easy whimsy confession’s worth of menace just by changing clothes (and maybe a little forgotten quarter lecturing): http://britetimes.tumblr.com/post/101434815964/hallowmas-tips

Basically it says if you put a menace increasing item on at 0 menace, it gives you one free level of menace when you remove it. So you can get double value out of these items by putting them on then removing them, then putting them on again.

NiteBrite, huh, for some reason I thought the pirate hat didn’t leave Suspicion behind, but apparently it does. Thanks.

thedeadlymoose, ooh, I should get out of my Remote Address! Thanks.

No problem! :)

Another random bit: If you happen to have a Giggling Mandrake, you can play with it for 1-2 CP Wounds. (Usually 2, as it’s a matter of luck with the odds strongly against you. The success gives you 6 CP Dangerous & a Hard-Earned Lesson in addition to the wound point, though.)

EDIT: You can get this either through Knife & Candle, or through a red opportunity card; the red card unlocks when you offload all your exotica. The other exotica are the Counterfeit John the Baptist Head and the Nephrite Lens. Both of these (unlike the Mandrake) are easy & profitable to get rid of (profitable in the sense of giving dream progress, yay!). I don’t know how common the red card is but they seem extremely common so long as you have zero exotica.

EDITx2: You also get 1CP Scandal for siding with the Rubbery Men against the Revolutionaries on the amber in a well card.
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Thanks for posting, ocelot.

Labyrinth of the Tigers > Gawk at the Somnolent Hyena (Lowers Nightmares)

I love the idea that scandal is practically free.

I shall have to give the gift of my horrific behavior to all my contacts.

Oh, another addendum: The sporing bonnet is definitely “sticky”. I’ve certainly been using it to get Nightmares 1 for the past day. As far as I can tell, the stockings, sporing hat, pirate hat, and modish bonnet (and likely any others I’m forgetting) are all ‘sticky’ in exactly the same way; they only ‘stick’ if you have Menace 0 when you put them on, and then when you take them off you retain Menace 1 (which you can then boost to +1).

Also, the scandal bit is great indeed.

The laudanum thing is really working out for me, too, since it gives me a “safe” way to raise Hedonist back to (and past!) its prior levels. Wounds & Nightmares are paired for the POSI-to-POSI confession, so I can erase both at once with a confession, use laudanum until I have Wounds 3 (since I already lost Nightmares, not a big deal), then go get Nightmares to 3 again via the cards/storylets.

thedeadlymoose, I must’ve been trying the Bonnet when I wasn’t at 0, thanks!