Raising Menaces

Can people confess to each other ? There are quite a low number of Seekers who qualify, it seems… anybody cares to switch confessions ?

I’m also looking for a fellow name seeker to confess too. And I’m open for confessions as well. I have all menaces at 5+ at the moment.[li]
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I have sent a confession your way Kaqqao, and will gladly accept one in kind if possible.

Accepted. Did nothing interesting on my end (just decreased my stats). Hopefully it boosted your Seeking the Name score or something.
I sent the same request to you. It seems possible even though the descriptor text says it shouldn’t be.

Ok, so it doesn’t further the Seeking for any party. Listen to the in-game advice people. Do not do this.

hmm. I can get scandal to two with items. Easy source for the forth? trying to work through my confession debts.

If you start from 0 equipping and unequipping a menace item leaves you with 1. But as I haven’t got any scandal at the moment I’ll send you a dupe and leave off raising scandal until you accept.

Just thought I would add if you haven’t got any scandal a dupe takes you to 3 immediately.

Well I would but for some reason you are not showing up as available to dupe.

I kiss St John and momentarily disappeared. Should be back now!

I kiss St John and momentarily disappeared. Should be back now![/quote]

Indeed you are:)


Quick compendium of Self harm from another thread (may be dupes:)


Starveling Cat
Curios storylet within the Forgotten Quarter, but it doesn’t always raise Nightmares.


Easy enough with just equipment.


Laudanum or Starveling Cat.
One tip for wounds is that when it gets to three ask for someone to send you a poison a friend invitation. You still need to have wounds at three to accept it.


Reaping the Academic Benefits in the Forgotten Quarter.


drink many bottles of oblivion then flounder around failing all the challenges, this is the nitebrite way of gaining much menace.
If you’re aligned with Glass you can just go Sabotage Peppercorn. That’ll raise all menaces by 3 CP.
Black Wings Absinthe - Imbibe for Scandal and Wounds.

Introducing your Grubby Kitten to your Starveling Cat (usually a really bad idea) raises Wounds and Nightmares by 10 CP each in one action (though it’s dependent on the Grubby Kitten opportunity card).

I’m keen also to confess to someone who is also seeking, have all my menaces at 5 currently

Here’s a thing. I appear to have suspicion stuck at 0 +3. I don’t want to report it as a bug if it isn’t … so is there anything that might be doing it? None of the items I’m wearing grant suspicion.

I wondered if it might have been related to the fact I was wearing suspicion giving clothing when they changed its stats … but anyway, figured I’d ask before I wasted FB’s time.

Have you tried equipping and removing suspicion-raising clothing to force a recalculation?

Something similar happened to me. I believe it cleared up when I put on and removed the actually Suspicion increasing Pirate’s Hat, but mine was only 0+1.

Fixed. Thank you (all).