Raising Connected: Benthic post university

To form Uncanny Incunabuli (is that the right pluralization?) I need Connected: Benthic. Unfortunately, those idiots at the University fear my brilliance and have kicked me out (and they called me MAD. I’ll show them. I’LL SHOW THEM ALL!) Is there any way to raise Connected: Benthic short of endowing a fellowship?

Yes. One from the court, another from mark of credit (if you have proper &quotclosest to&quot) … and apparently there’s also a card that appears if you have seeking 5?

A Colleague with a Problem will raise it also.

You can also restore your University privileges by grinding Research Notes on a Scientific Expedition. That also gives you a good chunk of Connected for one of them as well, although I think it’s Summerset. Maybe a little Benthic as well, but I’m not sure.