Quick Scandal

I want to explore the new Tomb Colonies. What’s the quickest way for a high level character to get scandal. I already have the stat boosting items. [li]

If you have a counterfeit head and enough hedonist to kiss it, that would probably work. You could also recruit someone else to dupe you with the scandal reduction social action. Finally, you can deliver public lectures in the forgotten quarter which will give you a guaranteed 1 cp of scandal per action and increase your society, revs, and bohemian connections.

A Public Lecture in the Forgotten Quarter raises Suspicion, not Scandal.

Quickest is probably to get someone to dupe you with their scandal. If you have some you can Drink Black Wing Absinthe

There are also a few options, mostly at the Empress’s Court, that will take you directly to the Colonies regardless of scandal, but they’re probably slower than deliberately trying like this. I’ve sent you a dupe request to help.

I’ve sent you some dupe invites - check your Messages and accept, and you’ll absorb some of my scandal.

If you are At Your Writer’s Desk working on a story, using An Identity Uncovered! and Blackmail Material gathers Scandal.[li]

the social action for dupe-ing seems to be the fastest way.

otherwise , the ol talkative rattus faber way to temporarily reduce your persuasive, then click on the hardest challenges that increase scandal on failure. the Pygmalion -related storylets in Mahogony Hall don’t seem to need minimum amount of persuasive to open up. don’t remember which options raise scandal though. Wilmot’s End’s storylets also don’t seem to need any minimum stats too?