Quick Question about the University

Hey, everyone, I just wanted to check something. Since being unwelcome at the university then re-establishing my academic reputation, the only storylets I got back at the university are ‘The Committee on Semiotic Safety’ and ‘A colleague with a problem’ (as well as ‘Shadowy Dealings at the University’ which never went away). Is this how it’s supposed to be? I’d hoping to get a few more story options back once I re-established my reputation…

Yup, that’s all the available content there currently.

No more cricket, no more murder. Totally sad. Hope it’ll change.

yeah. it’s a big letdown, currently-- if not new stuff I’d at least like to have gotten back the guest lecture carousel, minus the murder investigation :(

The carousel once you become an actual lecturer is really disappointing. It feels like you’re punished for actually joining up.

You also get back the option to improve your Correspondence understanding under Shadowy Dealings.

However, it does reflect the fact that student life is a bit of a laugh and college staff are way underpaid and overworked. Maybe we need the option to rise up to be, um, vice-chancellor? Now there’s a thought…

It’d probably take a ton of grinding but it definitely makes sense, same way you can become the Poet Laureate.