Question re: Embedded Storylets

I am hoping to get some clarity from FBG on what the intended behavior is in the following types of situation:

  • I open the Lilac card and click through to “Present a Rose-Gift”[/li][li]I start transforming items, clicking “Onward” from the result[/li][li]The game takes me back to “Present a Rose-Gift”[/li][li]Eventually, I’m out of actions, but still returned to “Present a Rose-Gift”[/li][li]At this point, all the options are Locked (as I have 0 actions). [/li][li]If I wait and get another action on my candle, things are still locked.[/li][li]Thus, all I can do is say “Perhaps not” or navigate away from Story via another tab or refresh the entire page - all of which will lose me my access to this embedded storylet (without having explicitly “Finished!” it).

Is there any way to make this part of the flow a bit more usable for players? Or is it just up to us to check that we have at least two actions on our candle before we click on an option in these scenarios?


Just so you know; you can refresh the card and be able to play it. You can also wait for an action to recover before hitting onwards.
(Refresh as in F5)
edited by Aximillio on 2/15/2013

Sometimes when I refresh the card using F5 it keeps the card, but often it discards it. I find it irritating too!

Clicking the “Story” button up top refreshes the card without discarding it.