Question about the recent update: re Equip bonus

I have a couple storylets where the player has to return or trade in various equippable items. I had noticed a bug where if the storylet took away an item that was equipped (reducing the quality value to 0) then the item would vanish, but the game still believed it was equipped, and did not correct the affected qualities - allowing the player to keep the bonus without the item, and screwing up a naming quality that was also affected by the bonus.

Today I played a storylet that requires this type of trade in, but the branch requires the item to be not be equipped (requires the naming quality to be lower than what the item raises it to). I noticed a message that my character had taken off the item. I am pretty sure that was my incorrectly phrased QCD alerting me, but it reminded me about this problem. If an equipped item is reduced to zero, does the game adjust the affected bonus/menace qualities as well? If not, should I report this as a bug, or is it something that we need to work around in our stories?

Similarly, if the Creator debug tweaks a quality to remove an equipped item, do they also need to fix the bonus/menace of the equippable item manually, or should this happen automatically?

I plan to check this, but my game is getting so huge that there are times where I’m not sure I’ve tweaked everything correctly, and playing from the beginning takes quite a while. If someone knows off the top of their head I’d appreciate it. :)

On a related note - is there a patch log anywhere where I could look up this information, or is that not generally public knowledge?

Yes, I can reproduce that problem, in a very simple case in my sandbox world.

It’s a bug. You can’t work around it directly, because SN tracks equipped-item bonuses separately from core stats (so you see “3 + 1”, for example, where 3 is the core stat and 1 is the bonus). Even if you compensated by reducing the stat itself, it would still display wrongly (“2 + 1” rather than “3”).

One more complex workaround would be to arrange things so the player has to unequip the item before they return it… which you might be able to do with your naming quality. In general though, I think it’s something you should raise with support.


[color=#009900]This is definitely a bug, chaps, and as quite an unpleasant one has gone straight to the head of the fix list. Tomorrow or Wednesday, I hope.[/color]

Thanks guys! I don’t know why it never occurred to me to use a sandbox to figure stuff out instead of clanking around my twee monstrosity for an hour with qualities by the fistful whizzing by and mating like airborne rabbits.