Question about Quality Math

I noticed today that I was getting great chances of succeeding a challenge when I had something equipped that should have nuked it.[li]

My question - When a quality hits 0 it disappears…but can it actually go negative behind the scenes? I have a good quality A which at one point the challenge is a smaller stat vs. 10/[A]. While I had an item equipped that gave a penalty of -7 to quality A, I was getting 100% success rate…so I guess it was dividing by an actual negative 7 somehow?

I was curious if dividing by a zero quality would cause problems, but I assume FB were aware of that.

At least in Fallen London, I believe equipping a -25 stat rat to a 5 stat character decreases odds of success moreso than reducing a stat to 0

The strange behaviour is caused by a divide by zero error. Storynexus isn’t treating A as negative; it’s treating it as zero, and getting confused when you ask it calculate 10 / 0.

Try changing the difficulty to 10 / (1 + [q: A] ). That way, the denominator is guaranteed to be positive.
edited by Flyte on 10/2/2013