Question about Fate-locked Jack-of-Smiles option

Obviously, no spoilers for content allowed or wanted, just needing a quick clarification of game option.

My Jack-of-Smiles case is set at 12, on Polythreme, which puts me at the &quotJack’s End&quot option to either destroy the workshop, investigate further, or do both with Fate. Since I’ve enjoyed the storyline very much so far, I’m considering forking over the Fate, but I’m a bit confused as to what the &quotAmong other things, this will take you back to London&quot means. Will I be transported back to London immediately upon playing this option, or does it simply mean the storylet continues when I get back there? I was planning on spending a couple of leisurely weeks at zee, so I’d rather not cut my journey short.

You will teleport immediately back to London if you take that option. (Well, the story will blink forward to that point).

Ah, darn. Then I’ll have to wait on that option and come back to Polythreme once I’m done elsewhere. Thanks!