Question about Archaeologist

So I recently resumed playing after not having played for, erm… quite a few years (I think i quit sometime after the end of the University went in because I’d finished all the watchful+ambition content that was there at the time and wasn’t that interested in the rest)

Anyway, since then it looks like the way expeditions work was changed, and so I’m currently at Archaeologist 1, despite having definitely done the expedition to get Scholar of the Correspondence (…or something similar, my memory is a bit vague and it may have changed how it works). Which isn’t too serious, but I need to get my Archaeologist stat up to do the Cave of the Nadir.

So do I just need to do Thieves’ Caches and then the Shrine of Deep Blue Heaven repeatedly until I get it up high enough (assuming I don’t have Fate available, which unless the game is charitable is likely to remain the case for the time being)? And if so is there any effective way to speed that up, since spending days just purchasing the supplies one at a time for all those expeditions seems painfully slow and not the most interesting thing to do while playing?

No shortcuts, unfortunately. Thieves’ Cache raises it by 1cp and the Shrine by 2 but when you factor in the 10 or 20 supplies and therefore the number of actions needed to do them it doesn’t make much difference which you choose to do. Except that the Shrine can give better rewards and there is a chance that you might start with 3 progress. When you are doing an expedition look out for the &quotA Sign&quot option that gives 4 progress for no cost.

For supplies I would say either use whispered secrets, (probably best option to get those is to barter with the Tiger in the labyrinth 1000 jade, amber or rostygold for 1100 secrets) as there are two results one that gives 2 supplies and the other 1 and a map scrap.

Or, if you have them, Strong backed labour gives 5 supplies. If you are POSI you can buy one in the Bazaar Sidestreets for 13.50 echoes or get 4 from the Wilmot’s End carousel or 4 from siding with the Docks on the Acacia and Butterfly card, you need 30 of Docks and Widow for that and it takes away a lot of connected widow.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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Hiring porters from the docks can also be effective if you have the connections.

I have a similar question - I came over to the forums to make a new thread, but the OP’s question comes close to my own.

Specifically, is Thieves’ Cache the only way to raise from 1 Archaeology point to 2? I’ve been avoiding being too close to the Criminals faction, as it’s not in my character’s personality. But obviously, if this is the only way to advance, I’ll have no choice but to get chummy with a few thugs… =@_@=

Well it’s the only expedition available at Archaeologist 1 and given nobody’s mentioned alternative ways to raise it, probably.

Possibly think of it as being sent undercover by whichever faction you’re more comfortable with?