Question about Ambition: Nemesis 33


I am getting back into the game after a long hiatus and I am a little lost on the next part of my ambition.

I remember going to the Iron Republic and getting stuck somewhere following my ambition because I didn’t have the proper item to go further. I remember being quite irate at that because it was a hell of a lot of work to get there in the first place.

I was wondering what exactly I should bring with myself when I go back to the Iron Republic so I don’t suffer the same fate twice.

Thank you and good day.

I think you are at the stage where you need a couple of Portfolios of Souls

What would be a good place to grind out regular green souls? I’m missing quite a lot to get portfolios.

I guess Unfinished Business in Spite would be best or Robbing the Brass Embassy in the Flit.

There is also a chance of getting either souls or glim as part of the reward when you go on an Expedition and seek a Thieve’s Cache.

Also, did you ever find that Stone Tentacle Key (you would have seen it in a honey dream)? If not, you should also think about taking a trip to Hunter’s Keep.

You need 5 Portfolios, I believe.

You need 2 for Nemesis 33 according to the wiki (link has spoilers). Not sure if it’s up to date.
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Really? Huh. Swore I needed to get 5 of them, but it has been a while.

Yes, it is 2 Portfolios still. I just did that ‘hurry from London to the Iron Republic, leave and hurry to Hunter’s Keep for the key, hurry back to the Iron Republic with the key, flip over tables and curse a streak that could make the saltiest zailor blush when I found out about the Portfolios, return to London still mumbling epithets’ tour just recently with my alt. :P

It used to be five, but with the economy changes portfolios are both more valuable, and considerably harder to make, so to compensate for that you now require less of them.

That was exactly what happened now that I remember. It was very annoying.

Thanks for the help, friends.