Question about A Person of Some Importance

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I haven’t had any luck finding the answer to this specifically.

I got my watchful up to 100 and eventually got an opportunity card to speak with the ambitious barrister. However, after talking with her she send me to watchmaker’s hill and I now need 100 dangerous to advance and my dangerous is only 36. I tried going to my lodgings and speaking with the watchful gossip but that option is locked now that I am on this quest. I thought I only had to reach 100 in one stat to get imporance status? If that’s the case, how can I move it over to ladybones road?

Thanks in advance.

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I got my watchful to 100 and got the opportunity card to speak with the ambitious barrister but she has directed me to watchmaker’s hill where I now need 100 dangerous (mine is only 36). Is this normal? Am I supposed to have multiple stats at 100? If not, can I redirect her to ladybones road?

That is normal, you will need 100 in each stat to become a person of some importance.

Very good, thanks!

Very good, thanks!

You need 100 in all 4 stats to follow the path to some importance.

You start the storyline as soon as one stat hits 100 and then need to wait until all 4 can get to 100 using gear and/or mood cards can be helpful. Alternatively you can use Fate to bypass the stat checks.

Personally I don’t think you need to hurry as you will need those stats further into the game. Also beoming POSI is an expensive business and the higher your stats the more profitable some cards and other things become

It’s worth getting the stats up. PoSI does make resource gathering easier and unlocks things but with extremely low stats you’re not gonna have a fun time acquiring the materials for the bigger stuff.

The exact order is Dangerous-Persuasive-Shadowy-Watchful.
After that she’ll ask a few other things of you, but by the point your stats are good enough to pass the checks they shouldn’t be a problem.