Putting together the pieces of a shattered memory

I’d started playing again after a few years’ break and have begun threading through some old qualities, all the while trying to recall what stories they were tied to. I suppose my character just enjoyed a bit of a habit for a few years–or was stranded at zee?

BUT, this one quality is FATE-locked. While I am not looking for spoilers, I’d like to know if there’s any way to continue it. I think I ran across it when I was a subscriber for a time. Since I am not, now, I don’t think there’s anything I can do right now?

Seeking a Prison of Flint 1 - Inklings of the Prison

…is that about right?
edited by dorianfoster on 12/18/2018

Mine is Seeking a Prison of Flint 2000 - Sought and Found, having completed the story. You having this quality at all means you must have at least started the story at some point when you were a subscriber. Any subscriber stories that are started will stay unlocked forever, even if your subscription runs out. I don’t remember where this story started so I can’t help you with that, but I’m pretty sure you must still have access to it somewhere.

I bought this through the Fate page and I also have the quality Purchased: Flint, but if you unlocked it through subscription maybe you don’t have that? If you can’t find it you could maybe ask support, I think they’ll be able to tell you if you can play this or at what step you’re supposed to be.
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Monara’s probably right. I think if you actually started Flint, you should have at least Seeking a Prison of Flint 2, but asking support(@failbettergames.com) will get you a definitive answer.

And if you can get it, Flint is definitely worth playing.