PSA! Item bug!

Do NOT under any circumstances use an item in your myself tab. Thanks to a bug with the new update you can no longer &quotPerhaps not&quot exit out of an item. It will take you back to your myself page but wont let you press the &quotStory&quot button. ONLY USE items if you know you can pick one of the branches.[li]
There also appeares to be a major bug with fate gifting. Stand by for more information or a fix from the devs.[/li][li]
edited by Blackleaf on 11/13/2013[/li][li] Edit: Use a lodgings changing item to temporary fix the bug.[/li][li]
edited by Blackleaf on 11/13/2013

Yeah this caught me too. I’m stuck in a loop staring at Mysteries of the Elder Continent!

Item bug should we fixed within an hour according to a failbetter bug response.

Yeah, the workaround is to use another item in your inventory successfully.

New bug! When you have no actions you can see the hidden requirements for branches!