Protégé training past 100?

Does anyone knows if stat-reducing gear (like a talkative rattus faber) allows a protégé to train a stat past 100? I’m sure it must have been discussed elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find the answer.

I was actually able to get trained to 101 via Patronage recently, but I assumed this was a secret bonus level that everyone could get. I didn’t think to check if stat gear made a difference. I would assume it doesn’t, but I don’t actually know.

I’ve been prevented from giving lessons if clothing gives the other person a level above 100, at least; so unless the increase is capped and not just unlocked/locked, you should be able to get above 100. Note that you’ll have to equip the companion when you’re sent an invite too, so it requires a little co-ordination.

Gear penalties certainly work - you can be trained as long as modified (with gear) skill is under 100 so your patron can send lesson.

Thank you all. The training shall continue…