Proscribed Materials

Why do proscribed materials cost so much at the Bazaar? 1.05 (or something like that) seems like a lot for a tier 1 item that only sells back for 0.04.
I ask because books of hidden bodies take so long to make. Sometimes, I think &quotOh, I can just buy a few extra proscribed materials to get an even 250 to convert up&quot but nooo… they’re over an echo apiece. It just seems inconsistent with the all the other categories, where I can buy a couple for a few pennies.

It was done to make things difficult for Seekers. There’s an option that requires you to have exactly the right amount of Proscribed Material, and it costs 7 Searing Enigmas to get to said option.

…so the rest of us get punished for Seekers’ bad decisions?..
(Granted, I intend on seeking, but the thought still stands)
edited by Pumpkinhead on 10/14/2016

I don’t know if that’s it. My headcanon is that, as contraband, it’s hard to buy and hard to sell, but harder at the bazaar. given that just about everything is bought and sold there, you’re either paying a smuggling fee, or a &quotselling at an out of the way location&quot fee. Or straight up buying a liscence, if that’s an option, but either way… you’re getting less than it’s worth on sale, and paying more than it’s worth on purchase.
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It’s definitely because of Seeking. The price used to be more reasonable, and jumped to its current value when the relevant Seeking option was added back in the old Seeking days.