Proscribed Materials Price: What the Reason?

Hello! As for today I have found all the Proscribed Materials cost twentyfold, 1.01 echo.

What’s the plot reason behind this, and what ongoing live story message I possibly missed?


I can’t say much, but I’d be willing to bet it’s solely to make Seekers’ lives more difficult. There’s a thing with the thing on the thing, and it requires some Proscribed Materials.

The thing we no longer speak of. It got sorta devoured when we tried speaking of it.
In story im guessing taxes are the reason.

If there needs to be an in-story reason, I’m guessing because it’s contraband.

Shame that you can’t sell it for accordingly high price. Or, even better, that you can’t sell it to the people that are looking for this thing and currently really need those other things. I would become a very rich woman.

The action in Watchmaker’s hill now gives only 10 per action.

[color=#009900]There may or may not be other reasons too, but the in-fiction rationale is that since they’re proscribed, they’re not available legally at all. Some waste-paper may, however, be sold as exorbitantly expensive fire-lighters.[/color][li]

101 does seem like a pretty exacting number, but not a number I’ve seen many times before nor a number that is sufficiently burdensome. Right?

Hmmm… 101… Perhaps “SevenxSeven” means seven-zero-seven?

It’s random. Still experimenting, but I would guess the range is something like 1-50.

Does this mean there will be options to set them on fire later? ;)[/li]

It occurs to me that, technically, certain forum threads might count as Proscribed Materials… Could that be the secret?
(I am joking. Probably.)


I’m finding pay off of more than 10…sometimes considerably more.

I was unaware it had changed to random amounts when I had posted that. My bad.