Proscribed material sources?

I’m currently trying to grind up Books of Hidden Bodies so I can get a lovely landau, but finding proscribed materials in any great quantity is proving vexing. At the moment I can get 21 per action for visiting the library at the University, but as I also need to convert the books to inklings of identity* it’s not really ideal.

Does anyone have any better suggestions for reliable grinding, and also any cards I should keep an eye out for? I have access to the Palace, the University, the Flit and all of the lower level locations.

Please help if you can! Thank you.

  • Thankfully I did get the ‘visitor to the Palace cellars’ card that pays out in inklings, but I can’t rely on that, obviously.

There’s a rather good card in the Flit that will allow you to trade in your Revolutionary Connections for 720 Proscribed Material. For other options there’s Unfinished Business in Watchmaker’s Hill (which is random), the Surface Invite available when you click the Proscribed Material itself for either 40 or 20 (no need for the invited to accept), the first option on God’s Editor’s card (37), and Hunting for caches on the A fine day in the Flit card (30).

You could also look through here to see if something else appeals to you more.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 5/1/2014

Thank you - currently mining the surface invite for books, as that seems to be the most expedient option. This landau WILL be mine!