Proper deportment vis-à-vis invitations to coffee

Good evening, delicious friends.

Tonight I had the good fortune to be invited to a coffee at Caligula’s by another player who was quite a stranger to me. I accepted the invitation and received my reward in kind, but now I find myself at a rather awkward juncture, as I am unsure of the etiquette in situations such as these. Are invitations of this nature common between strangers within the Bazaar? If so, is it considered good manners to return the invitation? Or is it even accepted that this is an extension of friendship, and that one should add the inviter to ones contacts? Or is it at all possible that I am overthinking this just a tad?

I would be much obliged if any more experienced denizens of the Neath could offer their insights into the matter.

One would wager that, if the invitation was textless, it is allowable to accept the invitation and not provide any response. No need to be worried about this, as most invitation traded are previously established with letters or somesuch.

As such an invitation is fairly beneficial to both parties, rather than being heavily slanted toward one such as with certain menace reducing actions, there is no customary demand for reciprocation.

I personally prefer a bit of conversation with social actions. To actually be social. However, there are plenty of players I have encountered who are entirely mute when sending social requests, even after you write to them, but still accept social requests, and can be relied on for second chances and menace reductions. So it’s totally possible to have a productive relationship with completely mysterious strangers, should you care to respond.

Generally speaking, just don’t worry too much about it, since there is a very good chance people just don’t have the interest or energy to talk.

Still, to be absolutely sure you can very well tell them &quotI don’t feel like RPing&quot if someone send you a paragraph or two in an invite.

Thank you all kindly for your helpful responses! I shan’t worry myself on the issue any longer.