Professions (Spoilers Possible)

I’m not sure what if this is in the right section, but the wiki mentions several jobs that don’t currently exist. Some seem straightforward like the Glassman leading to the Oneironaut and the Strangler being the Licentiate’s upgrade, but I have no idea what a Laocoonian might be. Are these just potential placeholders, or are the names set in stone?

Also if the Bazaar prefers notale people to be in these professions is it purely for the stories that get produced? Or does it receive some other benefit?

Those professions exist in the game mechanics - they’re visible on certain quality checks - but all we know about them is their names. The current top tier’s names were hinted at similarly before they became available, so presumably those names are correct and will be accessible eventually!

As for your second question… well, it’s a matter of interpretation and, well, guesswork, but it’s hard to see how some of those professions benefit the Bazaar except through the generation of stories. The Bazaar likes to have exceptional people about it, and to see what they do. Boring people are of no use to it!

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Thanks to you both!

What exactly is a Laocoonian and an Oneironaut?

An Oneironaut would be someone who explores dreams. Not entirely sure what a Laocoonian would be. There is this bit of information that might give some hints, however.