Professions and the Earnest of Payment

Something bothers me: let’s say you resign from your profession without using your Earnest of Payment, and then choose a new one before Time, the Healer arrives. What would happen? What type of reward would you get? The one from your old profession or one from your new? It’s potentially too risky to try it myself - not to mention it would not be fair - that’s why I’m just asking.

You would get the reward of the new Profession.

Ah, just as I thought. Thank you. And it strikes me as mechanically correct but narratively inconsistent. In my humble opinion, it would be better if you just couldn’t resign while you have any earnest of payment in your inventory.
edited by Ridiculus Undarke on 3/20/2014

Alternatively you could lose your payment when you resign. Personally I like to think of the actions you use to claim your reward being the actual work for that profession. Everything else you do is just you attending to your own affairs, but those 4 actions? That’s time spent doing your job. That’s what I think anyway.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 3/20/2014

How often the earnest of payment arrive?

Once a week, with the arrival of Time the Healer.