Professional perks & suspicion - bug?

Just used a perk to &quotlose half my suspicion&quot but the actual effect was only to lose 1cp, from 6.4 to 6.3. Anyone else had this issue?
edited by Ewan C. on 7/1/2013

I genuinely haven’t tried it. Did you use the actual bug report email?


I may have experienced this… &quotMay&quot because my alt’s Suspicion was so low that I couldn’t accurately tell. He went from level 3 and something CP to level 3. It seems he should have dropped to level 2 and something CP if half was removed.

By the way, I tested &quotLose half your Wounds&quot and it worked fine. I dropped from Wounds level 8 and something CP to level 3.

EDIT: No, wait, dropping from Wounds 8 to 3 is way more than half…so it works better than fine but incorrectly.
edited by Zeedee on 7/2/2013