Problems with fate?

Alright, I never had much money and I can’t buy fate, I’ve done free offers before and I’ve done about three 10 ones now and I have not been awarded ANY fate at all even for completing the prerequisites for gaining it. I’ve waited a week for one to go through with Lord of the Rings online, and now I did insurance quotes and still haven’t gained anything. I’ve done EVERYTHING that it said I needed to do and I’ve not been rewarded. I’m just wondering what the heck it up, as well as angry because I spent several hours waiting for LotRO to download fully so I could play it and do that. As well as giving out private information for a quote when I spent about three hours making sure that everything was in line for it to go through.
It the system glitched? Or it is a **** pour job between servers? Or **** pour communication?
Sorry for being mean about it, but I spent a long time doing these things and I expect that they would fill out. But they still haven’t, and now I am taking this to the fourm, because others may have the same problem.

For what I saw, Video offers are the only one regularly awarding the promised Fate amount. I don’t think I ever got it from any other kind of offer, though I didn’t try a lot of them. Maybe a thread reporting the offers that actually pay back would be useful :s

yeah, they can be iffy on rewarding.

I’ve had the best luck with “Sign-Up for Site X” type offers. Facebook game related ones are pretty decent in general.

My best ever was a NetFlix one. Was rewarded a whole crap ton of fate and then canceled before the trial period was up.

Avoid any with excessive legalesse at the bottom, dumb single question opinion surveys or ones asking for a download installation.

A fair number are either plagued by technical issues or outright trying to scam you of your info/money.

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I was very surprised to see them using these surveys, which really are the scummy underbelly of the internet, expressly designed to fill up spam lists, spread viruses and Trojans, and fuelling pyramid schemes.

I did some of these sparingly, and even was interested in one of the videos I watched, but out of about 15 fate I should have earned, I earned 1 point. (Also, many of these points should have come from those videos - so don’t count even on those) I have therefore given up the enterprise entirely.

I have accumulated a LOT of Fate from “The Wall” but not every offer on there is going to work. It’s the sort of thing with which you take your chances, but I’m glad it’s there.

[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]Sorry about this. I’m afraid FBG don’t deal with offers directly - you’ll need to contact their payment partner, SuperRewards. If you click Get Help on the Fate page, you should be able to see the offer that’s failed to pay out. Click the Help button next to it to follow up with SuperRewards directly. if, after that, you don’t hear back from them, FBG would like to hear about it so they can follow up.[/color]

[color=#009900]What Alys said. We can require SuperRewards to exclude specific offers that turn out to be dodgy, but unless you folks tell us about it, we won’t know.[/color]
[color=#009900]We do what we can. SR allows us to specify focus on ‘monetization’ vs ‘user experience’, and that slider is set permanently to the ‘user experience’ end.[/color]

I do hope that things can get cleared up. I used to do the Quiz Jungle quizzes. I always had to try my best to get past all the ads to get to the results page, but now I never get Fate for finishing them. I have taken it up with SuperRewards and it seems that they either have an automated message sent, or the representative can’t read. I should get the Fate when I reach the results page, yet they asked for a confirmation email or screenshot of a downloaded application. Neither of these have anything to do with the offer I completed so I gave them a screenshot of the results page. I’m waiting for a response, but this is just getting annoying.

EDIT: Ok I just received my 4 Fate.
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If you have some proof that you completed the offer–an account on a website they can verify the existence of, or a screenshot or the like, SuperRewards does have their own customer service. You can contact them directly. They’re unhelpful, bureaucratic, and often downright antagonistic, but you’ll get things sorted out eventually if you have proof. And it’s not like e-mailing them a few times takes a major time investment.

EDIT: Malgorath has it right; their software minions will post an automatic response that will not accomplish anything. Even if you actually provide what the minion asks for, it won’t recognize it.
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