Problem in "Trade in souls"

I was making progress in the Trade in souls storyline however I now seem unable to progress, I can find not storylets and no opportunity cards are appearing. This is the last action relating to the storyline that I have managed to find:
Although there is a horde of Constables on your tail, you twist and climb and sneak and make it out though the midnight-blue cordon. Was this a test? Have you truly been betrayed? You can only hope that you have demonstrated your cunning and resourcefulness, and the devils will contact you again.
What do I need to do in order to progress further?

Nevermind, it was only good old Fallen London RNG. Problem solved

“WTF this is broken” is pretty much a Trade in Souls rite of passage. The RNG is cruel, so this is a perennial question. Glad the card showed up for you.