Problem continuing Affair of the Box

Spoilers ahead for anyone not yet involved the Affair of the Box yet!

I seem to have done something wrong, and cannot proceed at all. I was a turncoat, and for a few days I had the appropriate &quotTraitor’s Feast&quot option in Spite, but now it is gone.

  • My Turncoat status is still 4[/li][li]My Affair of the Box is still 12 (both requirements for the &quottraitor’s feast&quot option[/li][li]My Box Full of Intrigue quality is 8[/li][li]My &quotPower in Waiting&quot is &quotThe Conscience of the Empire&quot

Unless I miss my guess, the above dictate that I should have &quottraitor’s feast&quot as my option to proceed. The two other options for Box Full of Intrigue = 8 are &quota night of desperate ambushed&quot, or &quotencryption of a sort&quot as options in Spite, but they are locked when Turncoat = 4, and don’t show up for me. The only thing I show related to this is &quotThat d—nable box&quot, and the only option on it is &quotInterests Parties&quot but that option is locked with a requirement 13 Box full of Intrigue.

As a side note, &quotTraitor’s Feast&quot was an option for me a few days ago, but I put off pursuing it while I finished off my Ambition, getting it to 100 (Yay!). I don’t see anything in the wiki or elsewhere about that causing problems with The Box, but maybe…?

Thanks for your help!

Have you done anything to lower your Shadowy?

D___n, that was it. I didn’t have my shadowy gear on. I never have to worry about stat checks like that for my other attributes, but shadowy is my lowest and I completely overlooked that requirement. Thanks!