Prize tokens cap

So, today i recieved a message- i got 0 tokens at the usual distribution instead of 3, as usual, because apparently i was over 20. How do you propose i save for waxwail now? I was planning to just get them by waiting, as i detest PvP and you have no unlocked final proffesion tier yet, so i can’t sac my notability either. What the hell was that change meant for then? i would be okay with it if there was a reasonable way to earn those tokens, but alas, there isn’t! Not yet anyway!
edited by Dmitri Zhiriakov on 6/3/2014

Notability is the reasonable non-PVP way, actually. The Waxwail is pretty much the mechanical reward for racking up lots of Knife-and-Candle victories.

Yeah, but you can’t give up notability quite yet, as it is needed for t3 impossible profs. really this is killing me >_<!

Can’t you sacrifice your Notability for Prize Tokens and then rebuild it? It’s not that difficult nowadays. How do you even get prize Tokens without winning one through PvP? I thought you needed at least one to trade in Notability for more.

I dont think those professions will be released in the next few months. Possibly not even this year. You’ll have lots of time to regain your Notability points if you go for the Waxwail knive now.
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Spend/lose tokens 'til as close to 19 as you can get I think. It’s been a while.

When I realised you could acquire a Waxwail knife with notability, I was all over it. I don’t PVP either, and thought this was a bit of an exploit, although it’s not easy.

Also made me reconsider my profession, 'cause a +12 dangerous weapon ain’t nothing to +20, especially when you can have the Glassman shades for even more danger. And of course coolness;)

I’ve never played K&C, so I’m not sure why I had 29 tokens when I started aiming for the Waxwail Knife, although I’d already bought the Knife of Lost Sky when I realised you got prize tokens for free and could spend them at the cottage, so tweaking your tokens (maybe a brass ring or two?) to make the most of the +12 you get occasionally is probably the way to go.

Getting to 5 notability shouldn’t be too hard (if it is you need more BDR), but beyond that you need a lot of making waves. SpaceMarine9’s post here has some good hints:

The Tower of Sparrows card is really useful for getting MW, because its main cost is nights on the town. As far as I know, that’s the only way you can effectively ‘bank’ waves. If you’re not going for a new notability level when Time the Healer is due, then you should blow any spare above what will get ‘healed’ by making those.

The worst thing about doing this is dropping all 7+ notability, which means you’re depending on Slowcake showing up again, which he never does, but you can always ask another player nicely to donate you that first point;)

I’m also thinking not much is happening with FL changes right now, the devs are all very busy with Sunless Sea, so it seems a good time to be going for things like this.

using notability sounds a lot faster than “candling” people, esp. since there’s always at least a small chance of you getting defeated even if you’re attacking with a higher SEB value. if you’re playing moon league, it’s definitely easier than looking for opponents. the moon league seems to be semi-idle right now.

too bad my main is working on upgrading his/her/its POSI status, and wouldn’t spare any notability.