Price tag costs are invisible?

Hi, sorry I didn’t notice this earlier on account of living under a rock, but it seems that not only are &quotprice tag&quot losses invisible in the result text, the tooltip doesn’t even tell you how much you have remaining. I find this troublesome. I liked that in the old system, I could check to see my financial standing, and also that I couldn’t accidentally bankrupt myself by not noticing how much I was spending each click.

I do like telegraphing what certain branches will cost, but the current implementation feels incomplete. I can understand if the costs can’t be implemented into the result text for technical reasons, but can we at least see our total stock in the tooltip?

Yes, Failbetter is aware of this and has stopped implementing the price tags until they come up with a fix. (As well as a temporary fix for archeological supplies) And with the app release and the new festival…its taking a bit.