Price changes?

Hello delicious friends.[li]

I’m currently trying to get a Zubmarine and noticed the Great Downward Engineering Co. has changed its price for Bejewelled Lenses.

It used to be:

200 x Maniac’s Prayers
30 x Correspondence Plaques
2 x Diamonds
100 x Moon-pearls

It now requires:

10 x Ostentatious Diamonds (25 cryptic clues each in Empire Adornments)
30 x Correspondence Plaques
100 x Flawed Diamonds (formerly Diamonds, can be bought in bags of 50 from Empire Adornments for 200 cryptic clues)
100 x Moon-pearls

Can’t say I’m too fond of this change…has anyone noticed any others?

Bejewelled Lenses don’t seem to require 100 Flawed Diamonds anymore, just the Ostentatious ones. So it’s 10 Ostentatious Diamonds, 30 Correspondence Plaques, and 100 Moon-Pearls.

That is so strange - it’s changed for me too! Makes it easier at least :)

you can now buy diamonds in bulk from the bazaar side street
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That’s because the lenscrafters no longer value Maniacs’ Prayers.

I just lost my Brass Ring and it used to be 12.50 echos per, and now it’s 40 echos.

brass rings have been 40 buy/12.50 sell since the dawn of time itself

I thought I remembered them being less expensive. Mea culpa then.

Actually, a long time ago they used to be more expensive (60 Echoes, I believe)–but that was addressed in the first major re-pricing, which I think was at least 2 years ago.