Pretty much lost in End Game

Well, been playing for a pretty long time and my stats are W - 148 / S - 122 / D - 121 / P - 134. All of those can be increased between 25-30 with gear. I’m an Important Person. Got a ship. Got my map. Got a newspaper. Got a couple of sedans. Got my gang. Been through the Court to complete my influence there. I’ve trained people. I’ve got a lvl 19 freaking talking plant. Written a couple of amazing books. Been on most of the expeditions. I’ve gone through the Jack story arc. Pretty much a lot of stuff. But I am completely lost.

  1. I am still on my first job. Can’t figure out how to even start my second one or even think about my third job.
  2. Can’t get through the Tiger Labyrinth.
  3. Still can’t figure out what is going on with the Big Rat or the Face.
  4. No idea what I should be doing next.


I don’t know too much about the last two, but I can help with 2 and maybe 1.

For the Labyrinth, you need to complete the whole story with the Tiger Keeper before you can gain access to the other levels (and that storylet only begins once you’ve gotten that letter from Mr. Inch, but that unlocks at dangerous 82, so you likely saw that already). Once you’ve finished that, there’s a pinned storylet that lets you navigate to different coils. You technically have to pay to progress, but it’s always with easily grindable items. Also, doing stuff in the labyrinth will gradually raise your Time Passing quality, which will give you interesting options when it hits 9.

For job…are you talking about occupations? If so, you can quit your current one through the Write Letters option in your Lodgings. Second level occupations can then be attained through connected cards.

Hope that helped. And if you’re really, really lost, you can always go to the wiki. (But don’t overuse it. That kind of makes things less fun sometimes.)

I’ve not been impressed with the Wiki. The thing isn’t very user friendly in my opinion. But thanks for the heads up on the Labyrinth.

As for occupations, I did actually change my occupation a number of times when my stats were below 70 to get them all over that, but I thought you had to do something else to change to tier 2 or tier 3. I’ll look into it. Thanks again.

You get a profession from the Faction cards - you’ll need around 25 connected to the relevant faction. Once you have made your choice you need notability to upgrade and the “an unsigned message” card, unless you go the journalist - author route where there is an opportunity to upgrade by writing a specific short story and using the Bohemian card.

The Labyrinth has been answered you need to play the letter from Mr Inch story and then work your way through the labyrinth.

It is a very long time since I did the Plaster Face/Big Rat story.

  1. Take a look at what the Local Gossip and the 4 &quotadvisors&quot (Bohemian Sculptress, Urchin, Clay Man and the Loquacious Vicar) say, maybe you missed something, you can find them in the Local Gossip storylet.
  2. Have you completed the Fidgeting Writer story? You can start it through a Tale of Terror, in your inventory, and the Loquacious Vicar will also inform you of that.
  3. Have you completed all the &quotMouse Hunts&quot accessible via the Implacable Detective Business Cards, in you inventory, under Curiosity ?
  4. Do you possess all of the Lodgings? Including the improved versions, those who hold five cards?
  5. Have you entered the Mind of a Dead God? (Dreams of Thunder related).
  6. For the Big Rat you should have a storylet in your Lodgings that allows you to start the whole thing.
    Carnage on the Streets require a difficult Luck check, if you do not posses Sympathetic with Ratly Concerns. After that you get The Meaning of the Plaster Face 3 and you can start using you rats to get it to 10, then the story ends in the Flit.
  7. About the Labyrinth, well I’ll shoot in the fog here, you aren’t very clear where you are and what is the problem. I am going to assume you have the Labyrinth unlocked and you can travel there. That means you can get at the entrance. If you can’t advance maybe you didn’t open a Letter from Mister Inch you should have received at Dangerous 97, which is a storylet that appear in all locations of Fallen London. That start you on the Labyrinth of Tigers story, allowing you to get some work done there. Ignore the warning on the letter, you can still hunt monsters at any time.
    You should get, in you profile under the story tab, the Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers quality, which goes from 1 to 16.
    Hope this was the problem if not edit you post or answer in the topic, we’ll give you an hand, but we need to know as much details you can give us.
  8. Notability, what level you got? Maximum is 15, I think.
  9. Can you max your BDR gear? How many points do you have? It really helps with notability.
  10. Profession. There are 4 Tiers of Professions at this point. The first tier are the Training Profession you can get via you Lodgings, Enquirer, Minor Poet, Pickpocket, Tough.
    The second Tier Professions require you to pick a Connection Card, and spend some point of that Connected: Whatever faction you picked to get your new job. Some of them have also requirements. For example I’ll pick Enforcer. One can become an Enforce via the Connected Criminals or Revolutionaries, but the Criminals Card had a requirement: in the dispute between the Last Constable and the Cheery Man you needed to have favored the Cheery Man. But you can still access every professions, you just need to have the required Connections.
    The third tier Professions are already more tricky and interesting. To get one you need to have the corresponding second tier Profession and you need to wait for the Card &quotan unsigned message&quot to appear in your hand. It has a Very Infrequent frequency and it requires you to have at least one point of notability. With two points you can upgrade you profession from say Enforcer to Murderer.
    Remember the third and fourth tier Professions require you to have the precedent tier profession.
    Eloquence and Clarity are not my strongest points so if something is unclearly explained take a look at the wikia, it gives an overlook of the Professions and their bonuses and rewards.
    There are also 4 Professions, still acquirable on the an unsigned message card, that require you to possess no profession and three points of notability: they give no objects but pay in Echoes, 60 two, of them and 70 the other two.
    Only you can decide what career you want to work for.
  11. Can’t help you with the business with the Face, still not got to it.
  12. Which level of Scholar of the Correspondent you possess?
  13. Have you completed the Affair of the Box?
  14. How is your Connection The Masters?
  15. Do you possess an Overgoat? and a Ubergoat?
  16. Do you possess a Salon or Orphanage?
  17. Do you have a Bifurcated Owl (fate-locked)? And ravens? Of both the Devious and Philosophical quality?
    Can’t think of nothing more now, but there is surely more stuff. I’ll edit the post if I get new ideas.

The wiki is deliberately unhelpful. The majority of the fun in this game is finding things out for yourself.

Agh, as the saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Wiki of course is not perfect, but one of its better entries is about about professions.
Click on whatever profession you like. See what unlocks it and what the prerequisites are.
As for the big rat. Check the current level of your quality in game and find what you should do next.
Same thing can be done with many other stories (including the Labyrinth). Just search for the relevant quality in the wiki.

As for question number four. There is certainly enough things to do in the game. I have 180+ stats and I still haven’t done everything. Judging by your stats, you probably do not have all the Lodgings or even the best ones. I would work on that, if I were you. But really, nobody can decide for you what you should do.

[quote=Fhoenix]Agh, as the saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.[/quote]And then he teaches another man, and another, and the men who’ve been taught teach many more men. Soon enough everyone knows how to fish, and then they go on big ships that cover the entire ocean, slowly but surely emptying it of fish. Sometimes it is better to just keep people ignorant, and feed them a fish a day. Blissful Ignorance. It’s the name of my Cheerful Goldfish. ;)

Not that I would ever keep people ignorant on purpose. For Commissioner Pravin Lal has said: &quotBeware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.&quot

Well, if they don’t fish more than they can eat, the result would be the same as if you gave them fish ;)

Me, I prefer Lady Deirdre. Who needs diplomacy, when you have Mind Worms.

So, you’re saying that the secret Bioware project will be a 4X Neathy Colonization game? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

If you’re starting from Alpha Centauri you would hardly even have to change the University, and the Believers would only need some minor edits.

[color=#009900]Tweeted for truth.[/color]


That should lead to some amusingly outlandish speculation on Twitter. And quit tempting me to make an AC and/or Civ mod, Alexis.

“5. Have you entered the Mind of a Dead God? (Dreams of Thunder related).”

Say what now? This is something I think I may have missed entirely (either that or it was forgettable). DO you mind elaborating (either here or in PMs)?

You need really high Stormy-Eyed for the Mind of the Dead God.

19 Stormy Eyed and 15 What the Thunder Said lets you access it. It’s a cool secret bonus area!

Huh, my Stormy-Eyed has been stuck at 10 for a long time now. Guess I’m off to do research on how to increase it!

I highly recommend a trip to Mutton Island for Stormy-Eyed.