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As you may know from my recent posts around the forum, I’m very rapidly nearing the point where I will be starting the storyline to become a Person of Some Importance. However, before I do so, I wish to obtain a Guest Room at the Brass Embassy–at my current Shadowy, I expect I’ll have the place within a week to a week and a half’s worth of Preparing for a Big Score and Thefts of Particular Character.

Since it’ll take me that long to gain the supplies for the Embassy, I’m wondering how else I should prepare for my imminent Importance. I know that several items, like Strong-Backed Labour, Whirring Contraptions, Comprehensive Bribes, and Use of Villains, will be necessary for my activities as a Person of Some Importance. I’m wondering what sort of stockpiles I should build up with &quotspare&quot actions for buying these supplies, especially while I grind for Echoes for the clothing segment of the &quotA Person of Some Little Importance&quot storyline.

I’d also appreciate advice on any stories and/or Achievements I may be missing out on that I should start and/or complete before I start focusing on the high-level plots–I was fortunate enough to learn of both the Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks and &quotThe Hunt is On&quot stories before my stats got so high that I wouldn’t be able to use my stat-reducing gear to access them, and I’m slightly worried I could miss out on others. Note that I have done little in the Shuttered Palace (I think I’ve been to Court once and did it at such a low level that I had access to virtually no storylets), and I don’t plan to even start the University or Mahogany Hall storylines until after I’m a PoSI and/or have all stats 100 before equipment–unless there are things I’ll miss there by waiting.

So I guess I’m asking for a &quotchecklist&quot of things I should get to prepare and storylines to experience before I miss them. :)[/li]EDIT: typos
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You only need to play one card of the opportunity card section of becoming a POSI, so you don’t need to play the clothing one unless you really want to.

Anyways, to finish off becoming a POSI you will need a Whirring Contraption, a Strong-Backed Labour, and a Legal Document. Thankfully the Whirring Contraption is much less difficult to acquire thanks to the Department of Menace Eradication (the Chandler will give you the wax you need for conversion). If you don’t have 30 Memories of Light I suggest playing the Reprehensible Lizard card whenever it comes up.

The Legal Document should be easy after all the work you’ve done with Mr Inch, but you can also draw cards in your Lodgings for the Neath’s Mysteries. Play the theatre option on that card and you should get 21 Maniac’s Prayers. Then for the Strong-Backed Labour you’ll want to head into the Empress’ Court to grind up some Stolen Correspondence if you don’t have enough to get 50 Intriguing Gossip. You can convert 50 Tales of Terror into Compromising Documents to speed this process up a bit (check this thread out if you haven’t already).

After all that you’ll open up the Unfinished Business storylets, which will provide you with a simple way to get most of everything else you’ll need. It’s not always the best way to get the resources it provides, but it’s still useful.

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Ah, good to hear Whirring Contraptions are easier to obtain–makes me feel better about not taking a few weeks as a Trickster to get them–I’ll stick with Rat-catcher until I have enough Strong-Backred Labor.

A tip for the ages that I suddenly realized–I need to purchase a large number of Tinctures of Vigour and drink them halfway so they become half-full Tinctures; a supply of half-full Tinctures will be far more useful once I go PoSI than full bottles.

edit: I’m mistaken - you have to be an SI before gaining access to Wilmot’s End. :(

I’m currently a PoSI and have this last bit to go before I become a Significant Individual. From perusing the wiki, another way to get that confounded Whirring Contraption is to open up Wilmot’s End if you have Persuasive/Shadowy that’s at least 110. There’s a storylet that rewards you just that.
On another note, are there any stories I should have completed before becoming a PoSI? This is in reference to specific areas: the Flit, Shuttered Palace, Forgotten Quarter and Wolfstack Docks. The limiting factor seems to be stat-centric than PoSI status-centric.[li]
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As far as I can remember no stories are closed off based on POSI status. It is all about your stats. Actually I am stat capped and have still not finished with The Court; have only just completed The University storyline in order to get the Voyage of Scientific Discovery and Solving Cases around London.

You certainly do not need POSI to open Wilmot’s End via the opportunity card. The Urchin option is POSI locked, however. I am not POSI and I have Wilmot’s End open.