Preparing for Over Seas adventure!

I’m finally going to go do some Zailing particularly the Parabola and Iron Republic. I remeber I needed a bunch of some items for these two locations what might I need exactly?

The…Parabola ? Would this be Ambition-related ? Or maybe you are talking of Polythreme. Acquiring the necessary Screaming map is done through a storyline in the docks. You’ll have to wait a few day to actually get each sides.
Otherwise, you only need an Iron Republic Safe-Conduct for…well, the Iron Republic. It’s available by grinding 4 marks of credit in the Numismatrix story.
There are other threads in the Salons dedicated to the aformentioned storylines. You might want to check them out.
edited by Alexander von Brennenburg on 5/25/2012

This thread has some great Polythreme related advice.