Pre-production Blog: Looking to the Skies

[color=#0066ff]Here’s Paul with a look at how he’s been concepting the world of the High Wilderness, enjoy![/color]
edited by h4nchan on 1/5/2017

This artwork is gorgeous! Signal boxes and art nouveau have got me very excited indeed.

Since the Neath has Devils will those Skies be inhabited by cosmic angels who are as equal or even more cruel than their infernal counterparts?

Sounds great, I think Paul is doing great so far.

There’s quite a lot of expectations to meet since we’ve had so long to build up all kinds of expectations for how bizarre HW is, but this sounds great. I personally would prefer it if the world was made as big as possible. Even if it means having long distances and maybe filler planets with nothing on them except maybe a small shop and one “something awaits you” action I’d prefer it to having a space the size of the unterzee. To me a big part of HW’s allure is its endlessness - the final, endless frontier where you’ll never run out of things to discover, and the duration of a trip is measured in decades. The parallax sounds great for creating a sense of vastness, I’m excited to see how that’ll turn out!