Post POSI Content?

Unfortunately I appear to have reached the content barrier for FL.:( Currently I’m grinding towards the cave of Nadir but can anyone suggest anymore content I’ve missed?
Finished:Mahogany Hall
Affair of the Box
Left+rejoined university
Left court
Served as Governor
Jack O smiles

Did you get all the Bazaar side streets items?

DId you explore the doubt street yet?

There were threads like this here earlier too, so you can check them out.

I’ve created two editions of my newspaper and have got all items except the artists model

Have you raised all your tracker qualities to 7? Visited Polythreme, the Iron Republic, Hunter’s Keep, and Mutton Island? Finished all released content for your Ambition? Obtained Putting the Pieces Together: the Drownies? Gotten all three four-card lodgings? Fought the Big Rat? Done the whole Fidgeting Writer story?

Ooh that’s new! What’s the Drownies story? Haven’t heard of that.

It’s not a storyline per se, but a difficult-to-obtain quality. There’s a rare card on the Leadbeater heist (aka 1/120 chance of appearing) with an option giving one CP of PtPT: the Drownies. Said quality can be increased to 2 that way; it’s needed for the abyssal destiny branch at Hallowmas and with great difficulty can be raised in that season to 3. (There’s also a cheap fate-locked option somewhere in I think Spite which gives one cp if currently at 0.)