Post-a-Pet - a social action suggestion

Looking at the numerous cute animals we’ve got, I miss the ability to send them to my friends as a gift. Wouldn’t that be a sweet social action? The pets could even come to be associated with particular messages in time - a Fallen London symbolic vocabulary, if you will. In other places a red rose means passion and a violet a secret meeting, or whatever, but here we could have a suggestive lexicon of our own, unofficial, of course. This feature would take some tweaking vis-a-vis Connected pets etc., but think about the possibilities, the innuendo!

Sulky Bat - Offended at you
Reprehensible Lizard - Exiled to the Tomb-Colonies, help
Subtle Mole - Boldly rhymes with &quotpole&quot or &quothole&quot
Cheerful Goldfish - Money
Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider - Let’s make four legs and four arms
Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief - Watch your step
Dazed Raven Advisor - Nevermore! Or only occasionally anyway

And so on. Anyway, it would be fun, and that’s the important thing.

This is an amazing idea! (Any suggestion of more social actions will kindle my enthusiasm!) Not sure how it would work with connected pets (as you are only supposed to be able to obtain one at any given time).

I am however, faintly horrified at the idea of an eye stealing spider implying something so intimate. Symbolism tends to bleed both ways.
edited by Hypersomnus on 7/10/2015

Well… the meanings, of course, are up for Grabs. Connected pets should probably return to the sender if the recipient has one of the same kind. Intraspecies conflict, you know.

Have you seen the gift pets available around Valentine’s Day? Including the exceptionally hairy spider, the pink cat, the purple mushroom and the amorously wiggly grub?

I suspect, in the unlikely event this was implemented, Connected Pets would not be sendable, as they indicate something about your character.

Ohhh, so that explains the screenshots of people sending goldfish…

Do we know why it was removed? I can see this being exceptionally enjoyable.