Possibly the First Paramount Presence

I have achieved the status of &quotParamount Presence&quot after collecting all 4 ‘London Something’ qualities.

The Echo of the storylet and Paramount Presence Quality can be found in my Journal.

[color=#C2B280]Edit: as stated below, this wasn’t achieved by legitimate means. We’ve deactivated this poster’s account.[/color]
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I wonder whether we’ll need to start a list on the Paramounts at some point. Meanwhile, congratulations to the first paramount presence on the forums!
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What would the ‘London something’ qualities be?

Congratulations!! What did you use to grind Notability so quickly?

Firstly, I did purchase 45 fate to skip the POSI Resetting

I also had 215 in persuasive and 15 notability saved up so I knocked 2 out really quick

For the other two, I got 5 Notablity by doing 3rd tier item conversions
Then from 5-10 Notability, I did an option on the slowcake card called &quotThe company I keep speaks for me&quot with my 5000 Society which was supposed to be for the conversion

Then from 10-15 Notability was just repeated Zee Weddings.

Edit: I should note that I have 27 BDR
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Congratulations as well!

But I wonder, how is it possible to consecutively get unmodified 215 in all four stats? Have I missed some way to swap your specialization, or is it only open to an unspecialized POSI?

There are 2 new options under &quotAttend to matters of society&quot which allow you to switch your specialization for 12 Notability or 15 Fate.
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They justed added a way to swap it, you can see it under society and scandal I believe.

(And of course congrats!!)


[color=#C2B280]This wasn’t done through legitimate means; they did it by abusing the mobile app’s offline play feature.

We take exploits seriously, particularly where they’re used to pre-empt or undermine the real achievements of other players. We’ve deactivated the OP’s account, and will continue to apply sanctions in similar instances.[/color]