possible to advance the "nocturnal visitor" story?

I have become at least somewhat familiar with the contents of a certain palace cellar. I have reached the stage where I can bring either candles or prisoner’s honey, but, having raised the associated quality to 5, can’t see anything else I can do to advance the story. I see from the wiki that there are no other associated cards, that none of the cards give you the option to raise it beyond five, and that there doesn’t seem to be anything else to do with it. How can I advance this story?

You can’t advance it further. Not yet, at least, because getting the quality to 5 is the current content boundary.

this is rather tragic, because I have a theory about what it is that would explain a lot of interesting backstory and I may have forgotten it by the time that the story is wrapped up.

Just write it here! We’ll enjoy it together and you’ll have a place to re-read it and confront it with the actual content when it will be available ^^

how do I make spoiler text?

Currently, the only option (besides just writing SPOILER and then making a long column of symbols to advance the written part lower in the post, so to make it easier to ignore) is to color your writing the same colour as the background, thus making it only readable highlighting with the mouse. In the old forum skin writing white was fine… In the current one, possibly try writing black?

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There are actual spoiler tags, too;
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Oh, yeah. Forgot that.

Alrighty, well then, here goes (not that anyone was reading anyway)

I suspect that the traitor empress is not, in fact, the certain queen of the United Kingdom we all assume she represents. I posit this because she says “That was several cities ago”, which I’m assuming means she was around for them, which means she must be at least as old as the Khanate. Also whatever is behind that door is the child of her and the Cantigaster, hardly a pleasant thought. Did the Masters make her? Is she really a person? Has she had a sip of Hesperidien Cider? Hard to say

Are you sure you’re not confusing the Traitor Empress and her husband, the Consort, with the Duchess and her husband, the Cantigaster? The Duchess definitely talks about being around several cities ago.

yeah, sorry, they were the same person in my head for some reason. thanks for clearing that up