[Possible Spoilers] K&C - Narrative Discussion

K&C = Knife and Candle (Probably obvious, but still) - Again Note that there is some info shared that could be considered “spoilery” and more might follow that are complete spoilers, depending on if the discussion grows

The original K&C topic has generally became an area wherein the actual game mechanics are discussed. This may ultimately be a stupid idea, but I thought I would start a separate thread where the narrative can be analyzed, and maybe secrets discovered/shared? Just a thought. Anyway…

Within the new K&C, there are passages associated with the awards that can be acquired. One caught my eye and stuck with me, it follows:

“Who cometh to the Gate in summer shall be met with a sword of ice, and who cometh to the Gate in winter shall be met with a sword of fire. None shall enter save those that sip honey. None shall leave save those that devour. Yet shall we dwell therein forever.’ (This one is annotated: Lib. Vis. II. i.)”

I found the imagery very interesting, as it brings up several themes already in place (e.g. The Gates of the Garden)

I wanted to take a crack at some of the mythology that may have inspired this, and what the “annotation” may be referencing:

So, assuming the annotation is referencing a Latin script (a previous passage was noted to be from a alternate bible, so this is plausible)

Lib. Vis. II. i.
Lib. could be Libro
Vir. could be virtúte
Chapter Two
Verse one

Roughly The book of Strength, Chapter Two, Verse one.

I like the ideas here, in particular because the final award available is “unfettered.” If my translation is correct, the book title recalls (in my mind) Miyamoto Musashi’s the Book of Five Rings (A book of strength, both physical and mental). This book is often grouped with a second book, “The Unfettered Mind”, originally by Takuan Soho, which are Zen writings meant to infuse the spirit of zen with the spirit of the sword. Both of these books are considered Japanese Classics of Strategy.

The language of the verse can also be analyzed I’m sure, but I’ve written enough. God knows how many TLDR’s this will get…

I hadn’t seen that passage yet, thanks for sharing.

Might that be a reference to the Liber Visionis?

Didn’t a sword of fire guard the gates to the Garden of Eden? “Those who devour” - Snuffers, presumably? Outcasts from paradise, or from some earthly garden which inspired myths of same? We’ve seen that they desire to infiltrate or return to some such place… given certain Snuffers’ senior roles in, for instance, the church hierarchy, and the oft-noted presence of Devils and apparent absence of the Host, one has to wonder… in any case, I’m left wondering what role Mr Pages, or members of his Ministry, may have in K&C.

Those who devour could be Snuffers, Dreamhounds such as the Eater of Chains, or [Redacted]. Especially when it talks about only those who have sipped honey entering.

EDIT: Really, the whole game of Knife and Candle seems like metaphors and allusions to what happened to [Nibbled Away].
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“Might that be a reference to the Liber Visionis?”

I totally forgot of Villein’s magnum opus… Good catch Jadric, seem possible. More plausible in the context of the world than my highly interpretive take on the passage…
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I just found this on one of the sidebar quotes:

What is Prisoner’s Honey?

from the Natural History of Pliny the Elder: “… there is another kind of honey; its effect is attributed to the flowers called exile’s rose, which are found in sacred places from Pontus to Baetica. One who consumes these flowers departs and does not return.”

I set a ring of hundreds of foxfire candles around me before falling into a dream. In it, I approached the Garden. I skinned a bird and wore its feathers as a mask to gain entrance. I was nearly at the Garden… I could smell its succulent and floral fragrances. They were sweeter than the purest of honeys. Then I abruptly woke, and all my candles had vanished! Whatever, I was sick of that bird mask, anyway. (I’m referring to the Face-Tailor story.)

I believe the Unfettered inscription is a quote from the Liber Visionis, the magnum opus of Benjamin Villein. He’s the jerk who stole my candles and woke me from my dream, I just know it!! :P He’s also one of the most infamous Snuffers of Fallen London. Oddly enough, he seems to be a Decency Evaluator. Yes, he works among his greatest enemies under Mr Pages’ nose in the Ministry of Public Decency. That’s why he’s always hankering for foxfire candles, the prime narcotic of choice for Snuffers. Dude should just quit his high pressure job and check himself into rehab.

Anthropomorphic ice represents death and frost moths. Its soldiers are the Tomb Colonists. Anthropomorphic fire represents life and the light of candles. Its soldiers are…well, you. The Fire Sermon dream is one long running recruitment spiel. Death and Life always attract each other, war with each other and seek to gain dominance over the other. That’s the continual cycle, quite possibly one of the seven great labyrinths, and where we &quotdwell therein forever&quot.

My biggest concern with K&C is that I won’t be able to participate in its story if there’s one to be found. I’m talking about a major storyline with Mr Iron and the Committee. It’s really inappropriate for half of my characters’ personalities to be members. The only way I can fit them in is if they take on an investigator role. If there’s a storyline to be had for this season’s K&C, I hope us non-stabby players can join in.

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Looks like Ben Villein will be a potential sponsor in K&C Moon Leagues. Seems he is involved after all… at the very least he is an interested party.

This is cause for me to stroke my beard pensively. I’ll add a “Hmm…” for emphasis.

This Benny guy, is he here on his own or is he here as a representative of Mr Pages? I think the latter. That Master is a wily one. I still don’t know whether Mr Pages really burns books as much as he whisks them away with the use of mirrors and smoke.